Like a young little bud,

It once started

Not yet sure of what had happened

Still new and naïve

Then hurriedly it grew into a rose

Blossoming and blushing

With me, willing to do anything

Just to get a minute of his attention

Pathetic and shy, inspired yet crazy

I was blind in my love

Thinking he could do no wrong

I heard many rumours

From my so-called friends

It and hurt and crushed me

Yet I didn't stop

People bad-mouthed him

Said he was no good

Yet I defended him

Like I said, I was blind in my love

But, like all roses

There comes a time

When it all ends

And slowly, very slowly

It began to wither

I began to care less

He began to seem

Less significant in my life

As the withering process took over

I tried to water my little rose

Not wanting to stop

Not wanting to forget

But to every beginning

There is always an end

And I wait for it to come

For I know it will

Yet of one thing I am sure

I'll never forget