That night was spent teaching me how to get drunk "English style," as Rion put it, since the next night would be spent at the show and I "wouldn't be allowed to drink in fear of forgetting the amazing spectacular called the London Rats." I got extremely drunk that night and ended up sleeping through the following day, missing their show.

I woke up Wednesday afternoon; at least that's what I thought it was. I rubbed my eyes with the back of my hand and was disgusted to find eyeliner smeared all over it. I found myself still wearing the clothes I had arrived in, and sleeping on a couch in an apartment I wasn't familiar with. I swung my legs over to the floor, stretched my achy muscles, and started exploring the darkened room. I found the shades and opened them; bright sunlight filled the room exposing everything that had once been hidden by the dark. I squinted my eyes and made my way over to my suitcase in the corner. I grabbed some clothes, closed the blinds, and searched for the shower.

After I was dressed I began searching for food to quiet my growling stomach. I found the kitchen devoid of edible food. I'll have to venture out to eat, I thought, Damn you Joe.

I went into Joe's room, or what I thought was Joe's room, and looked around for some cash. His room was what people would call 'lived in' but functional, containing a bed, dresser, a desk, musical instruments and accessories, and shelves that held books, movies, CDs, and trinkets. His bed was disheveled and clothes were strewn about the floor. I took to looking through his desk when I heard a moan and, out of the corner of my eye, saw the bed sheets move. The moan wasn't that of a man, but that of a woman.

"Don't mind me. I'm just looking for some money to get some food."

"Who the bloody hell are you?" Came a drowsy female voice.

"Uh… A friend of Joe's… from… uh… New York."

"I remember him saying something about you," She paused to yawn, "You missed one hell of a party last night, love. The London Rats dedicated a song to you," She threw her arms in the air, "What I wouldn't give for Joseph Dane to dedicate a song to me!"

"Well, you got him at the end of the night didn't you? That's got to count for something."

"No, deary. Rion and I stumbled in here before Joe could claim it as his own. Joe's a hard one to bed, but I'm sure he's worth it. Agree?" She got out of bed and was sorting through clothes on the floor, pulling on what belonged to her.

"I don't know. I've never bed any of the guys, they're like brothers to me," I spun around, disappointed from the lack of money, "Would you be able to spot me some cash? There isn't any food in the kitchen."

The brown-haired woman tugged her jeans on and buttoned them, "I don't believe you, but I'll give you some money, love."

"You can go check the refrigerator your—"

"I meant about you and the guys," She extended a hand that held a few bills.

"Thanks," I said taking the money. I left the apartment and headed out in search of food. I found a quiet café at the end of the street. I bought food and sat outside by a fountain, taking in the sites and the people around me. They paid no attention me, which made me feel more at ease and less like a tourist. I ate my food in peace, trying to straighten out the events that had happened—or the lack of events. When I was finished I opened my satchel and pulled out my notebook. I began writing a poem when I felt someone walking up behind me. I continued to write, pretending not to notice but very aware that there was someone there.

"So you aren't going to say 'Hi' then?" It was Joe.

"You shouldn't sneak up on people like that," I closed my notebook and shoved it back in the satchel, "How'd you find me?"

"I pressed Rachel for an answer. She said she gave you money for food, and I figured you'd come here. The good food and good atmosphere attracts a lot of people," He made his way in front of me and just stood there.

"Did you want to go back to you apartment?"

"It's called a flat, love. But, yes, I would. Let's stop off at a corner store before though."

We walked together; talking about how bad I got wasted and what an amazing show I'd missed the night before. I was never really interested in the London Rats' shows; musicians were always a weak spot for me so I tried to stay away. Instead I changed the subject to the sights, which were just amazing. Just the feel of the city was enough to clear my head of my remaining headache. We came to a corner store; I waited outside looking at a rack of magazines while Joe went in to purchase alcohol for the upcoming night. Today, I decided, would be spent sight-seeing, whether or not Joe like it. But tomorrow would be my birthday and I knew another party would be in the works.

"Joe, take me sight-seeing," I insisted once he came out of the store.

He stared down in my brown eyes as I stared up into his. He turned to walk back to his flat and I followed, "There's nothing to see over here. Everything you have in mind is—"

"Listen, if you don't want to, just say so. I don't want you to make excuses," We walked along in silence until we came to the building's door. My hand went out to open the door, Joe stepped in front of me and I shot him a nasty look.

"Mari, love, the places over here aren't tourist attractions."

"Joe, love," I mimicked his accent and tone, "this is probably the only time I'm ever going to spend in England. I at least wanted to be shown around instead of being plopped down on a couch in an unfamiliar place. Now, if you wouldn't mind, I need to call Stacie and let her know I'm still alive."

Joe stepped aside and opened the door; I went inside and kept moving up to his flat, not bothering to wait for him. I called Stacie and we talked for a while, but for the rest of the night Joe and I hardly spoke a word to each other. Jordon and Rion ended up inviting us to a club, I accepted but Joe declined, claiming he wanted to fine tune some lyrics for Friday night's show. I shrugged and changed into my clubbing attire. The only sights I saw that night were shops pointed out to me from the taxi window on the way to the club.

That night Rion ended up with the blonde from that morning, whose name was Rachel, and so Jordon and I were on our own. Jordon, twice more drunk than I was, decided it would be of my best interest to walk me to Joe's. I knew what he really wanted to do was to crash there since his place was further away. As soon as we got through the door, Jordon crashed on the couch and passed out. I giggled and then stumbled around in the dark trying to find my way to a bed. The apartment, flat or whatever, was eerily quiet and a feeling crept over me. I was afraid of being in here, in England, by myself, everything unknown to me. I realized that I was standing in front of Joe's room, his door closed. I gingerly opened it and went inside. Joe was sprawled on his bed, wearing jeans and fitted white t-shirt, his bedside lamp was still on and a notebook was lying on his chest, moving up and down in unison with his breathing. A motherly instinct took over as I moved to his side and closed the notebook on the nightstand. I took off my shoes and climbed into bed beside Joe.

"Joe, I'm sorry about earlier," I whispered, pulling a pillow close and hugging it. I didn't turn the light off, but instead laid there gazing at that scar near his mouth and how the light from the lamp illuminated his face. My mind wondered how it got there, my fingers wanted to trace it, and my lips… My lips felt an urge to express what my heart felt but what my head denied. I let my thoughts dwell on becoming more than just friends with Joe until I fell asleep.