They said it couldn't work

Across the street

Down the road

The first time I caught her golden eyes

Her scolding me in the park

Four years ago

She had her brothers pummel me


Staring wasn't an option.

We met again, when the leaves had twice fallen

And flourished again.

I swear to god, I never forgot her.

I wasn't in love then

But I was infatuated.

This time, she smirked when I stared.

This time, even gazed right back.

Always a dreamer

Perpetually a muse

Days of sweet words and soft movements,

A red, satin cushion laden with velvet garments.

Nights of longing, teen angst no different from

Any other couple

Of course, I realize now

What I felt was her hand reaching and missing…

Always slipping away from me

Effervescent feathers, coated in sequins

Fell in clumps from her warm shoulder blades

Nightingales hummed sweet lullabies,

Softly assuring that everything would be allright

That when she cried, it was helping her heal.

Who knew that birds so pure

Were so malicious?

That's what love is, right?

Waiting up all night,

Whispering into the dark that

She'll be okay, that you made all of her fears



If so…

She just didn't love me enough.

Across the street,

Once more, twice more.

Down the road

Chapped lips and brimming eyes.

She left without saying goodbye

The guilt bubbles and rages

Why…and new quandary everyday

She left me.

To be consumed by these Bats that have Risen from Hell.

She turned from me

And I'm standing in the shadows

Of these Disturbed

These Killers.

You didn't take your life.

Not really.

They did.

And everyday, I'm forced to move amongst them,

Act as one of them

They'll never be any wiser about what happened

I'll never get the chance to see my Angel

Pursue flight.

Across the fucking street

A few more paths etched into the old ones

Down the shit-covered road…

I ring a bell everyday, waiting for her to

Receive her wings.