The smell on your breath is apparent,
and I'm sure all of the guys say you're so thin,

But does anyone know how you're breaking down inside?

How it hurts to look in a mirror,
because of how ugly you think you are?

And no matter how popular everyone else sees you as,

You'll still be nothing in your own eyes.

What really matters right now?

The looks, the comments?

It'll just be harder to get them to come again…

Is this all you're striving for, young girl,

Starving yourself because that's the only way you have control?

What about your friends and family?

You may say you have none now,

But I know you're lying.
What if it goes too far and you die?

Are you really that selfish?

We still need you…

What happened to the old you?

I miss the way we used to play outside…

And snack on popcorn while watching scary movies

You never come over anymore….

You aren't yourself anymore…

By craving control, you lost all that you had.