Remember the time, when you told me that you were lucky to have your family?

You were thankful they were there for you.

Now, what do I hear you saying?

'I hate my family, they ruin everything. I wish I had a different family. I hate my mum, for bossing me around. I hate my little sister for constantly talking… I hate them.'

Why are you saying this?

Why are you being…?

I just wish I could slap you across the face.

Yell at you.

Scream at you.

Punch you with all the strength I have.

I want to hurt you.

I hate you!

I can't take this crap anymore. You used to laugh at the jokes I made up.

You used to mess up your hair because you were bored.

Now, you don't laugh unless someone is suffering, you put a gigantic amount of hair gel on your hair, so it doesn't move one bit.

Don't you know how much it hurts to be laughed at, pointed at, and be teased?

You must have forgotten.

I wish you were gone.



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