For some it may have been described as the perfect night, after seeing that shooting star fall from the sky, many couples would have engaged in kiss, and many other's would have made their wishes, but for the 'Diddy's' it was anything but welcome. For many years Mur and Rum had been looking up at the sky for this moment and at last it had come. When Rum Diddy, also known as Mur, visited a psychic in his teenage years, the psychic told him, that his life had one purpose, and that it would be found on a shooting star. This made Mur, very skeptical at first, but when he found out that his closest mate Mur Diddy, also known as Rum, had visited a completely psychic a year before, and she had told him the same thing, it came more clear to him. But it was still a daze.

At the age of eighteen, both Mur and Rum, retraced their family trees back, carefully looking for any links in the branches. And after a few days of looking, and it came in the form of 'George (pronounced 'hor-hey') Jose' who had married both of their great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandmothers. Meaning now that they where some sort of distant cousins, they though fate had guided them back together, it was this night that they were proven right, and all their training would come into practice.

One week after learning of their connection, the Diddy's started to research the ancestor. And what they found out did not make them in the least proud, George Jose was a clinically proven psycho, a maniac who killed people, because he believed them to be against what he described as "the resolution". He himself named these people he killed as the "Ashikky's", upon reading this, the Diddy's could not believe there ears, but it was true. George Jose was hung in 1682 with 192 proven counts of murder, none could be explained by the police at the time, but Mur believed he had an idea. He believed all these people had one thing in common, Mur said that these people where able to do something, something normal people couldn't, and George could see this. The Ashikky's where not real people, they where trained by something else, something not of this world. You could say his guess was way too imaginative, but it was nearly perfect. And that fateful day when the shooting star came down, Mur and Rum knew they had to do something to prove this.

"You see that man?" Mur Diddy asked Rum Diddy. Mur Diddy Rum, being the smaller of the two, with a long slender, but well built body, green eyes and slightly red hair.

"What the hell, what where?" Rum Diddy replied, half asleep.

"The shooting star you lazy piece of..." Mur Diddy started but looked over at Rum Diddy before he hit him.

"You mean the shooting star I just caught on tape?" Mur replied relaxed. Rum Diddy Mur being the larger of the two was slightly taller that Rum, by about a centimetre, had dark hair, hazel eyes, and a rather stocky body. Even though he may look like he was packing a few extra kilograms, he could still run one hundred meters in under fourteen seconds.

"What the hell? Of course I mean the shooting star," Rum replied, "but weren't you asleep?"

"what is sleep man, I haven't slept much since finding out about this, and now it is here, so we gotta get going nigeria," Mur said getting off the bonnet of there car and opening the drivers side door, "where you it was heading?"

"Probably east homie, Kalgoorlie, maybe a bit closer" Rum replied also propping himself of the bonnet, "but why you get to drive the car?"

"Because, I haven't crashed yet!" Mur said smirking.

"Come on man, that was just an excel," Rum said pleadingly.

"And who gave this Supra its hell sweet paint job and vinyl work?" Mur asked

"Yeah, what ever, but still I did the engine!" Rum said.

"I know, that is why I wanna take it for a spin, now buckle up," Mur said, and started the ignition.

Steeping into Supra, Mur Diddy Rum and Rum Diddy Mur, just smirked at each other, they knew just why people loved there car, and it was the inside. From the boot, to the dash display, the roof, floor, and door panels had black, with lime green trim around the whole inside. The seats where black leather, with lime green suede head rests, trim and seat bottoms. In the Back where seats should have been, they had ripped them out and replaced them with three massive sub woofers and all their equipment, such as swords, katana, and some hand guns, they hated to use them, but they where there in extreme circumstances. In the boot even more of this stuff could be found, including their robes. The electronics where electrifying in the back as well, with another 3 sub woofers, this car used so much damn wattage that there are six 2000 watt amplifiers in the boot.

And to finish this black demon of, a black number plate with lime letters spelling out "DIDDYNESS" it was their pride and joy.

"Step on it Mur!" Rum said.

Mur planted his foot on the accelerator and after spinning the tires for a bit, the car took off down the highway. With no traffic on the highway, Mur flawed it down the road at close to 170 km an hour.

"Hey Rum, put us in some FACK would ya, and pump it up hey!" Mur requested over the sound of the roaring engine.

Rum reached into the glove compartment, bypassed the throwing knifes and grabbed a remix CD by himself and put it into the player. Turning up the volume, he waited until the start and both Mur and Rum joined in…

"I ain't never seen no chick like this, can twist like a damn contortionist. This bitch don't know what abortion is so I can't come in her, looks like porn star fucks like Jenna. Fuck I'm gonna…come I think my rubbers coming off, but Ooh it's so fucking wet and soft, I'm gonna start squirting and she's not getting off cause she's on top…"

Singing as loudly as they could, Mur and Rum prepared for their meeting, with what they knew as the Ashikky's, and even though it may not look like it, they where actually nervous about this one! Because for once, neither of them knew what to expect, or what to do, they only knew, that George Jose was not a ruthless murderer, he was actually doing everyone a favor.