Rum sat in a dark room whistling to himself. He knew there was two way mirrors everywhere, and night vision cameras, he wasn't fooled, and he could see the small red beams in the little black domes. 'These people should know better than to mess with a Diddy' Rum thought to himself. He continued to sit there and whistle his favourite tune, Pushing Me Away the reanimation by Linkin Park, looking around while his eyes continued to adjust. He could see a door outline, and a lot of switches, and in front of him was a decent sized table, the type that the interrogator slams his hands down on in all the movies and soap operas. Rum sighed and turned to see if he could see anything else, but his eyes weren't adjusted enough. He turned back to face the door and continued to whistle were he left off. From beyond the Door seemed to be a lot of noise, and then Rum could here screaming and made out a few sounds.

"Get over here you fucking heffer," a very deep voice heaved.

"Stop struggling, get in," a higher pitched voice said.

"I ain't struggling at all man," Rum could make out Mur's unmistakable voice, "get your freaking hand away from that, that my jewels man!"

Suddenly light flooded into the room and Rum had to blink, he could see Mur struggling very slightly has they pushed him into the room, and he seemed to be making it difficult. They pushed him down onto a chair next to Rum, and Mur winked at him and held out his index finger and his thumb. Rum caught on straight away, they were friends, but push over's. Rum sighed and nodded.

Five men entered the room in a 'v' formation and stood in front of the small wooden table. Two stayed at the doorway and another two stood about two metres behind the man in front, obviously more important than the rest.

"Excuse me for not shaking your hand," Mur said slyly, "but my hands and tired behind my back, and I am kinda being forced onto this chair."

The man waved his hand and the hands released their pressure.

"Before you say anything," Rum said, "you can call me Rum, and this is my homie, Mur, we ride till we die, that for real."

The man leant forward and eyed Mur and Rum in turn, "who the fuck do you think you are?" he asked quietly.

Mur and Rum looked at each other and sighed, "we the Diddy's man," Rum said.

"Sworn to kill the Ashikky's, every last one!" Mur asked.

The old man backed off and looked shocked. He looked at the two men behind the Diddy's and they left the room.

"So you are telling me, that you two are behind the 438 assassinations of members of the Ashikky's?" the man asked.

Rum looked up to the roof and counted, "does that include the 300 we just owned?"

The man nodded.

"Well yeah, that be us then!" Mur nodded.

"Hey, what bout these cuffs man, they pissing me off!?" Rum asked.

"Keys," the man order and got up to uncuff Mur and Rum, "my name is General Daniel Hargrave, leader of the FATAF."

"And what does that stand for?" Rum asked as his handcuffs fell to the floor with a clang.

"Fully Against Those Ashikky Faggots!" Hargrave said with a smirk.

"Wow, that is straight to the point!" Mur said looking at Rum, who nodded politely.

"So how many are there of you…of you…Diddy's?" Hargrave asked.

"Two!" Rum said with a slight smile.

"No, seriously, how many of you are there?" Hargrave asked again.

"Two!" Rum said again looking straight into Hargrave's eyes, Rum could see the shock.

"So how many people are part of FATAF?" Mur asked with a businessman like tone as his handcuffs too fell to the ground.

Hargrave flicked through the file in front of him, seeming to be stalling.

"And the answer to my question is?" Mur asked again.

"Two hundred and forty, or so!" Hargrave replied.

"And you have killed how many Ashikky's?" Rum asked resting his head on his hand and twirling a small ring round a finger on his other hand.

Hargrave stalled again and looked round at the FATAF guards in the room, "we don't move, very far from our base."

Mur and Rum sighed simultaneously, and threw themselves back into their chairs, and turned to face each other. Possibly their only allies in the whole world, and they were pussies. Mur reached into his pocket and pulled out a thumb drive and looked at everyone in the room.

"Well, can we have our weapons back?" Mur asked standing up, "we are leaving!"

"Why?" Hargrave asked.

"We got shit to deal with," Mur said grabbing back his quiver and box, "and you guys gotta get your shit together, I mean, for crying out loud, read a book on Che Guevara or something, you guys gotta start getting rid of some of them if ya really want to help us."

Mur threw the thumb drive on the table in front of Hargrave.

"What is this meant to be?" Hargrave asked examining the long piece of plastic.

"one of my thumb drives, it has got the basic outline of the Ashikky base, it don't have the location, only the outline, if you can come up with a better plan that what we got to destroy them, get in contact with us," Mur replied and headed for the door.

"How am I meant to do that?" Hargrave asked again.

Rum rolled his eyes and look at Hargrave just as he was a bout to pass the doorway, "you will know if you think you are good enough to destroy the Ashikky's, surely you will be able to find our number."

Mur and Rum left through the open interrogation room door and headed through the long passage way to the outside, leaving Hargrave and his men to figure out their plan, and the Diddy's number.

Rum looked to Mur to see that he was standing close to a tree, taking a piss. It was dark, and the only way Rum could really tell was the sound of the patter on the leaves at the bottom of the tree. Rum shook his head and pulled a pair of night vision goggles over his eyes. There wasn't that much to be seen, but he did hear that Mur has finished his business and activate his pair of goggles.

"How far away do you reckon we are?" Mur asked as he pulled up next to Rum.

"Dunno, why don't you ask mister homing beacon?" Rum asked

"I don't think so man, that could be a bit dangerous, they send out a pretty strong signal you know, could be intercepted by anyone," Mur replied.

"True…" Rum replied, "Wait, hear that?"

Mur stopped and went to the side of the path they were on, into the bushes slightly, and flicked a switch that made the goggles night vision with heat vision. Rum did the same, but moved to the other side of the path. Then the could see where the noise had come from, a group of about seven or eight teenage boys walking through the forest clumsily, followed by a group of less girls. Rum sent a hand signal that looked something like a "W" and Mur returned the signal. Sure they weren't enemies, but the Diddy's hadn't had a little fun for ages, and it was time to teach teenagers not to walking in the forest at nearly midnight, after all thought Rum, it could be dangerous.

Mur stealthily climbed a tree next to him and Rum did the same, until they both found a strong branch and hung themselves upside down. Rum removed his SK-20K from his shoulder and placed a magazine of rubber bullets into his weapon of choice. Mur grabbed his bow and loaded an arrow to the string, looking over to Rum, they both nodded and turned their heads to look at the group. Mur knew this would be enjoyable, but because it was so dark and all they had was heat vision, it was very dangerous, sometimes peoples feet didn't give off enough heat. Mur aimed about five metres in front of the group, and fired his explosive tip.

Boom! A small explosion leaving the smallest of craters at the 'leaders' foot, the whole group stopped and one or two of the girls squeaked. Rum aimed his SK-20K at the feet of three of the boys and let a couple a rounds off. There were squeals and Rum laughed at the tough boys suddenly being made to cower just like the girls clinging to them. The eight boys that were there formed a circle around the five girls that were with them, trying to be brave, trying to stop the enemy. Mur jumped down from his tree and started to walk to the group of teens, who would still be blinded from the explosion moments before. Rum was a few paces behind, so Mur pulled out a long cord from his belt that was used mainly for trying things, or people, up and to things. Mur ran around the group three or four times, knowing that they could hear him, and went on the opposite to Rum.

"NOW!" Rum called out, and both Diddy's pulled the cord hard at the same time.

There was a sickly crash of human bodies and a few whines from the girls.

"You do know little kiddies shouldn't be walking in the forests this late at night?" Rum asked sarcastically.

"Who…Who's there?" a Boy asked.

"Tell me your name, and I will tell you mine," Mur offered, as he opened a flare that cast a ghostly red glow over the group.

"I'm B-B-Brad, who…are you?" Brad replied with a stutter.

"Everyone's names!" Rum said sternly.

"B-Brad, Scott, Josh, Jess…" Brad started.

"It really don't matter you know," Mur interrupter, "what does matter though. Why are you out here with half as many girls as guys? Planning a little something are we boys."

"They would never do anything to us!" a braver girl protested with squeak.

"And who are you?" Rum asked.

"B-Bree," Bree said quietly.

"Well, Bree, I hate to say this, but you are very wrong darling," Mur said holding the flare higher above his head, "but tonight you would no longer be a virgin, unless of course you already aren't!"

"That is none of your business…what ever your name is!" Bree protested.

"Mur," Mur answered calmly.

"What do you mean 'Mur'?" Bree asked stubbornly.

"That is my name," Mur answered as the flare went out, "Mur!"

"What on earth are you?" Bree asked sarcastically.

Mur pulled out another flare, and just before he lit it took out a knife and lent in close to the girl, "a psycho!"

The girls screamed, and Mur threw the flare at the feet of the group tangled all over the floor.

"Behave kiddies," Rum said walking off while shouldering his SK-20K, "sleep tight."

The Diddy's walked off leaving the group tangled in themselves, thinking yet again of how on earth to defeat the Ashikky's.