I see you lying there

Down on the ground

Your eyes closed, your breath slow

I reach for your hand, touch it and pull back

Mortified by what I feel

Your hand so cold, lifeless, dead

Not at all like what it used to be

I reach out to touch your face

Only to have my heart shattered

When I feel the lifelessness in it

What happened to the jolly, vibrant face

I used to kiss everyday

What happened to the warm, reassuring hand

I used to hold everyday

Everything stands stock still

As you open your eyes for the last time

Look up at me with that weak stare

And say those dreaded, bloody words

I beg oyou, plead from you

Anything but those words

Those two words, so simple

Yet so life shattering

Anything but those two words

That will always remain a curse to my ears

Say anything, anything

But good bye…