Dark clouds emerge from the silken cover of the sun

That bright affects the images of daughters and sons

And forced into the mind of their macabre leader

She finds herself condemned to the wretched hands that feed her

Fail attempts to break her only make her mind stronger

And when they blight her for her freedom her commitment prolongs her

The scars they etch into her skin wind on ever without end

She doesn't cry her pain to them, integrity her only defense

What a voice that chokes and swears away

What a choice for a woman with crippled legs

Hold still pro the moment that may soon arrive

Keep due silence and you might make this out alive

Her mind is aching for escape but her body falls inferior

She crawls in desperate evasion witnessing keys in the mirror

Those tears hot to her flesh as there whisked away

The pale ends of her sanity are frayed with fate

The corners of her face throb in the angst of reconcile

And the tenders of her parted mind run freely in wild

And the girl that they expect to find is wilted and ware worn

She sports the arts and scars of her knitted burns

Her body posed and poised they're waiting for reaction

The chemicals loose in her heart pump their last frantic concoction

They pull her body down swiftly no concern to where it's going

She ends in a shallow grave and they plan on no one every knowing