This is really random, just something i did to get back into my writing the frist line up to the dot dot dot is from a friend, she gave it to me to help my writing. its really random but oh well. And the burro is ment to be the donkey, john did in fact pull a draw out of a donkey. R&R

Linda walked up the spindly staircase at her uncles house. She came to a door she had never opened. She twisted the doorknob and the door opened. Her eyes grew wide as she stared at theā€¦

Shirtless cat, John. His russet eyes grew in shock.

"DO YOU MIND?" He boomed, angrily. "cant a cat get dressed in his own home with out getting interrupted?"

"um no so sorry sir but I didn't know my uncle had a cat." Linda said, hanging her head, her long crimson ringlets falling into her heart shaped face.

"your uncles cat? Whose your uncle?"


"Michael? Ah yes Michael, my dearly beloved pet. He's very friendly and well mannered. How do you know my pet?"

"Um aren't you his pet? You're a cat, and my Uncles a human so he can't be a pet. Can he?"

"Yes he can, Humans are really very fashionable as pets at the moment and well how do you know I'm a cat, missy? What's your proof?"

"well sir you have a tail, and fur, and ears and claws."

"well so do you."

"no sir I don't have a tail. Or claws, or fur."

"No fur? Then what's the mop of curly fuzz on top of your head?"

"Well sir that's not fur, that's hair!"

"No ears, then what are those flat things on the side of your dome?"

"Those are ears, yes, but I meant that they don't sit on top of my head."

"And no claws? What are those things at the end of your paws?"

"those are my finger nails, not claws and I don't happen to have paws sir, I have hands."

John sighed, looking the young girl up and down, taking in her whole frame and examining her flaws as a cat. Well she defiantly had no tail, that's for sure, a tiny clump of fur (if you could call it that), her ears had some kind of hoop in them (he'd later inform the .C.O.T.W.O.P.H, the Society of concerned cats on the welfare of pet humans) and her so called "hands" were completely deformed as paws. his conclusion:

"You're a mutant."

Linda took a steep back at the statement, a mutant, her? Never! At eight she was tall for her age, but a mutant? She didn't even know what that was, but it did sound quite awful.

"Um Mister I don't understand what you mean. A mutant? How am I or what's a mutant?"

John shook his head and strode over to a burro, pulling open a draw he pulled out a bell. He gave the bell a quick, hard shake. Linda suddenly heard the sound of something very large and heavy bounding up the stairs. As the creature emerged from the staircase, Linda gasped. The "Creature" just happened to be her uncle, but he look different, he was scruffy and had a collar. Much to odd for Linda, as she screamed and ran down the stairs in such a hurry she didn't hear the cat call after her.