This stemmed from the idea of grief and pain and shutting people out. Never experienced this so it's probably completely inaccurate but tell me what you think : )


I have always known about the walls;

The sturdy, unfailing barriers

Between people.

Between them and me.

Yet I have never studied them

Or examined the essence of such creations.

Instead I have walked

Blindly on,

Heading for my destiny and future.

Then something happens,

Something terrible.

Stop. Think. Wonder. Realise

Stuck inside a shell

As everyone moves on around me.

Continues with their life,

Leaves me behind.

Stop. Think. Wonder. Realise

Reach out a hand to others,

Silently screaming for help

As tears fall down my face

Flooding my heart.


The wall is hard, unfeeling, cruel.

Stop. Think. Wonder. Realise.

Pushing harder against these

Social restrictions,

As they start to bend and tear.

The walls break and crumble and

Suddenly I'm back with them,

In the centre of the commotion.

Too loud.

Hands over ears, blocking out sound,

Screaming into space,

Trying to outdo the others.

Stop. Think. Wonder. Realise.

It doesn't work.

They continue walking as my tears slow.

As they brush past me, unseeing,

I reach out a shaking hand and


They freeze, tense.

Turn towards me.

I scream again.

Eyes are cold, and ice white.

No soul, no feeling, not human


Pleading for help.


My emotions flood the blank canvas

In front of me.


Eyes soften, crystal blue.


Help. Support when it is needed.

I have found it.

I won't lose it again

The walls have been torn down

And won't be rebuilt.

At least, not by me.

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