Will you?

I want to open my heart

And show you everything

I want you to know

The extent of my love

Flowing freely through me

Only for you

But if I did, would you run away?

Would you hide and never talk to me again?

Would you hate me forever?

These fears keep me

From running to you

And opening up right now

These questions haunt me

Every night, every day

They don't want to leave me alone

I need you to chase them away

I need you to hug me close

And tell me they are lies

Will you?

Or are my fears true?

A/N: this is , uhm, a "true" peom… is that what you call it? I don't know, but what I mean is my feelings are true, like, exactly what I wrote here in this poem. It's like, true to life, yes there that's what I am looking for! This exact same thing is happening to me right now. I like this guy, but it's wrong, he is wrong, if you get what I mean, and he can never know how I feel because Im scared to death about his reaction… and since, he is going to be leaving soon, like in a month or so, I really want to tell him but, you know, my fears… God! I swear, if I don't tell him, it's like all my love, all my feelings are going to like go to waste or something… I hate it when that happens! All my past crushes have known so at least you have this feeling that it didn't really go to waste, but this guy, he doesn't have a clue! And it kind of hurts… to have your love wasted just coz he doesn't know… argh I wanna tell him I swear! People, help!