Too Late

Your eyes darkened and froze

as you loosened your grasp on my withered rose.

I saw your pain subside and I felt unreal.

Your exact pain that I would now feel.

"He was a good man," said the man in the white lab coat

As he stood by the door with his fancy stethoscope.

But what did he know?

He was more educated of course, but

has he any idea that you were not a friend but a foe?

Does his knowledge tell him of our bitter history?

About the fights and quarrels that took place between you and me?

Does his degree tell him that we were once allies,

until a day of despair would turn our friendship into lies?

Of course it does. For he is a man of superiority.

Something that neither of us could ever be.

We were so much alike, weren't we?

It's too bad that you wouldn't agree.

You fought to speak out as I did the same.

And our voiceless opinions we both tried to tame.

Do you remember there once was a time where

we shared the same childhood?

I looked for your answer in your lifeless eyes,

but I knew you were gone for good.

Closer than brothers we had once been.

I still treasure our memories that I keep hidden.

I despised you and you felt the same way.

We fought constantly and now you've gone away.

Yet I never realized you wanted this fight to end just as much as I did.

You were a fool to take your own life and depart.

Its funny, you said that I was the "weak one".

That I had, "too much heart".

"He was a good man," the doctor repeated as

he placed a hand on my shoulder.

And I turned to face him.

I felt my pride begin to smolder.

"He was more than a good man," choking through my tears

I finally managed to say.

"He was my best friend." I gazed down at

you, and smiled as the doctor turned away.

Here is my debut Author's note...duN dUN DUN!

I dedicate this one to people...people in general (don't ask). (seriously don't)

and if all you stud muffins don't like it well you can kiss my non existent ass (if you can find it first) ...HA!

(written by a person with a crippled social life-hippos-anoonymus...