On the Other Side

"The grass is always greener, on the other side." -Anonymous (?)

It's all about perspective. That's all there is to it. I went on a bike ride today, and I took my camera with me. Whenever I hit a spot where I felt the need to take a picture, I would pull it out and snap a few. Not just one. I would take one zoomed in, one zoomed out. Then I took one upright as well as one sideways. Then I may even go on to take the same scenes with the focus on a different object or area. I wanted to get as many different perspectives as I could, because who knows, what might look horrible to my eyes may look great on the computer. I could also zoom in on some places, and what at first looked like a trashy area, it could be a beautiful green landscape. Taking the different pictures is all about perspective.

In the same way, living the different lives is all about perspective. You can look at one event in so many ways. Here is an example. My sister moving off to college. There are many ways for me to take this, either she's leaving me behind, or she's not coming back, or even she's taking half my wardrobe with her. Or in a different life, she is starting a new part of her life, she's expanding her horizons, she'll meet new people, she'll be better off, she'll start a better life on her own. Its all about how you take things. Lately, I think I've been looking to far towards the negative aspect of things. For me, that has got to change. It hasn't left for a happy me, but rather a sad, irritated, and altogether not fun to be around person. I want that to change. So here I am, I am challenging myself to look for the good in everything, because no matter how tragic, everything has a bright side. Even death, because I know that they are moving on to a better place. I want to make sure I find the bright side, be it a blessing in disguise or just something blaringly obvious that I refuse to see. So I am going to look at things differently, I'll be looking at the same soil, but the view will be better because I will be looking from the sunny side. You what they say, the grass is always greener, on the other side.

Author's Note: I don't own the phrase "The grass is always greener on the other side" I just believe in it. I would like to thank the friends of mine who have inspired me to look for the brighter side, because they were always there leading me to it.

-Life, Love Sanity