"No, Father! I promise you, I will never again disobey you. Just let me stay!" The woman threw herself to the ground at her father's feet, not daring to look up at his face, which she knew would have an expression of annoyance and impatience upon it. Still, she persisted. "How was I to know you would be so angry?" she wailed.

"Andalina," a deep, disapproving voice said, "We have discussed this. Unless you can do as I say without question, you cannot stay here in Magorya. You know our laws. You know what happens when they are not followed."

"But, Father," she sobbed, "I am your daughter! Your oldest daughter! The best!" Andalina was hysterical. Her voice had risen to a shriek, and her usually beautiful face was red, blotchy, and streaked with tears.

"No, Andalina! I shall send Andalius with you, to keep watch over you, but you still cannot stay here! When you have paid for your wrongdoing, and only then, you can return." His tone said there was to be no more discussion on the topic, and his daughter must have sensed this.

"Yes, father," she said, defeated. "I will do as you wish." Her father gave an imperious nod, and she turned and fled the room, tears still running down her face, her silvery gown and hair of the same shade streaming behind her.