Back in the streets of the mortal world, Kaeleigh Thompson's sobs turned into a scream, first of shock, and then of joy.

"Kaeleigh?" said Marly, blinking. "What happened? I thought….I thought I was dead…I saw your father…" She hugged her daughter tightly.

"You were dead! You were shot…it was my fault…And dad was here…I don't know what happened, but it's okay now, you're okay!" Kaeleigh stopped. Her mother stared behind Kaeleigh, an expression of shock on her face.

Kaeleigh turned around. "Dad," she said, her voice flat.

Her father was crying. He went to them, covering the distance in less time than Kaeleigh would have thought possible, and grabbed them both in a hug. "I'm here," he said, "and I'm staying this time. Forever."

And then went home, the three of them, and found William sitting on the couch. The family was complete again. Nobody asked questions, nobody wanted to know what had been going on for the past few years, it was a full day and night of celebrating. Laughing together, just glad to be with each other, the whole family, again, and this time, or so Andrew said, forever.