They say I am evil. They whisper to each other that I have never heard God speak. They tell each other that I am a liar. I assure you, I have had more visions than any of them shall ever see, and I am no liar. What motive would I have for lying? Of course, they will never understand that.

One day, I am a witch. Then I am the devil himself. Once, I was the heroine of France. Those days are past now. I sit in my cell, wearing the same clothes I have been wearing for days. They're ready to burn me. I am ready to die. I will go to my God, and He will love me. They will all be sorry someday, but I wish that no harm would come to them. I am not a vengeful person. At least, I try not to be.

As the day of my death draws ever closer, I pray for those who accused me. I pray for those who believe the rumors about me. I will not hate them. I never have. I helped save their country, as God told me to, and I will always do as He wishes. I am innocent.

I know that I will die soon. I will go to my death with my head held high. I only hope that I will have a crucifix to watch as I burn. And it shall be the last time I burn. I know I will be in Heaven after this. All I have to do is get through the burning without any hate in my heart. And I can do it.

Today is the day of my death. I only hope the pain will be minimal, but I know I can get through anything with God. I will hold my head high as I walk to my death. I can promise you that. I know they will taunt me. They may throw things. I still pray for them. I only have to wait until I meet God at Heaven's gates, then I am free of everything.

As I walk to the square, I wonder how it came to this. How is it that, once, I was the heroine of France? The king himself thanked me for it. And now I am to be burned.

I hold my head high as I walk. The wind chills my bones, but still I walk straight and tall. I hear insults from all sides. Then I see the executioner. There is where I am to be burned. This is where I will begin my journey home.

They tie me to the stake. The executioner lights the pyre.

Now I call for a cross to see as I die. I think that no one cares about my last wish on this earth, but then an old priest runs and gets a crucifix. It is this I focus my eyes on as I burn. It is painful, but I don't mind as I think of where I will be soon.

Then I rise above it all. I see my body burning below me. I see the crowd watching. Yet again, as I drift above it all, I pray for them. I watch the scene. I hear the man who burnt me say he has burnt a holy woman. I pray for him more than any of them.

Now I am drifting higher. Now I am going home. I am going to where I was meant to be all along, and God knew it. He knew when He sent me those visions. He knows everything. All I can do now is pray for those who have condemned me.