I am the giant, standing proud
As I reach unto the clouds.
Can you see me standing here
Amidst my brothers, near?

I am the one who stops the wind
As to the sky I ascend.
When you are near
My brethren here
You'll find you know no fear.

I am the sentinel, standing tall,
Reigning over earth and all.
Can you feel my love
From above?

I am the one who stops the sun
When your weary day is done.
For when you know
From whence I grow
You'll find that all are one.

I am the tree, home of the birds.
How I've longed to speak these words.

But the world has played a jest:
Even though I try my best,
I have not the words nor voice
Nor the will to make a choice.

Here I stand: a silent wall
Reigning over earth and all.
How I long to laugh and play;
Sport around and eat all day.
But that is not my destiny
For I am a tree.