You are too fat. You are too thin. You are ugly. Your breath stinks so bad. You are unpopular. You are too short, too tall. You teeth are too crooked. You have an overbite.

You are not smart. You are not witty. You will never make it beyond high school. You are ignorant to the ways of the world. You are stupid. You will never make it in the real world. You will never amount to be anything special by anyone's standards. You are nothing.

Your diet is poor. You eat too much fast food. You are too fat. You should go on a diet. You're too thin. You need more McDonald's in your diet. You have low self-esteem. You have cellulite. Your eyes sag. Your face looks too old. Your toenails are disgusting. You are too old. You have hair where you shouldn't. Your eyes are too red. Your eyebrows don't arch. Your teeth are not white enough. Your tits are too small. You need to make them bigger. Your tits are too big. Your tits sag. Your nose is not right. Your chin is to long. Your face is not symmetrical. Your ass is to fat. Your arms are flabby. You should make yourself sick. You should be perfect. You need more fast food.

You have no style. Your style sucks. You are not unique. You follow the crowd. You are a nonconformer. You are a freak. You will never fit in. You are the ultimate loser. You have no self-esteem. You are not confident enough. You are too confident. You are not sexy enough. Your favorite band sucks. Your favorite brand should die. You clothes suck. You suck.

You are not rich enough. You need to work harder. You need more things. You are unhappy. You are too happy. You don't pay attention. You are unsatisfied. You are only moving backwards. You are lagging behind.

You are doing it all wrong. You need to change. You need to see that change is good. You need to follow us. You need to be an individual. You need to fit in. You need to think outside the box. You need to stand out. You need to know the rules. You need to know the secrets. You should be yourself.

You are lactose intolerant. You are iron deficient. Your cholesterol is too high. You don't get enough nutrition. Your blood pressure is too high. You need liposuction. You need to lose weight. You need to gain weight. You are too dependent on drugs. You need more drugs.

You have ADD. You are depressed. You are bipolar. You have post-traumatic stress. You are not happy enough. You have split personalities. You have marriage issues. You are not right. You need more drugs.

You need to stop smoking. You should buy more cigarettes. You should stop smoking. You will get cancer. You are 14, you need cigarettes. You are 14, you can't smoke. You are 14. You should smoke. You should have fun. You should not have fun. You need more alcohol. You shouldn't drink. You are too young to drink. You need more alcohol. You should stop drinking. You need to have fun in life. You're having too much fun. You need more alcohol. You should be in tune with the latest fashions. You should stay one step ahead. You should follow the leader. You should lead. You are lagging behind. You should be an individual. You should not care what you do. You should go your own way. You should follow us.

You watch too much television. You are fat because you watch too much TV. You should watch more television. You should be an individual. You are going to be a star one day. You will never reach your dreams. You will always reach your dreams. Everything in life is easy. Everything in life is hard. You are nothing. I am everything. You should eat more hamburgers. You should drink more soda. You should eat more sugar. You should eat more hamburgers. You are too fat.

You should not be an individual. You need to conform. You have to change.

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