By: Bleeding Paper Stars

Biting back twisted words of hate
That only the cruelest mind could create
My words contorted into disguise
As I plan your macabre demise
You snap back with such idiocy
You seem to refuse to accept that cleverness is the key
I know you can do more
You much try to make my feelings sore
I state this and you get more enraged
Acting as if you were a beast who was caged
I bite out words of uspite
Your responses show no one has answered my plight
I start insulting you with more force
And you resort to violence, of course
I guess I should have known,
That even though you may have grown
You will still resort to such a juvenile things such as bodily harm
Though that does not cause any alarm
For even though I'll walk away with a bruise
I still win and you still lose.