I am the cat, graceful and sleek,
And on this day a quest I seek:
Under the couch and around the house
As I search for me a mouse.

Climb the curtains claw by claw,
I'll search anywhere at all:
Under the bed and over the chair.
Yet my little friend's not there.

Upon the piano, take a pounce
Lest my feline grace renounce.
On the ivory keys of white
To whose music I delight.

Take a step and press it down:
You can hear it all around.
Step upon another note
To this playful song I wrote.

Leaping back down to the ground,
Landing swift without a sound.
Swish of tail, twitch of nose,
Where that mouse has gone: who knows?

Some may call me a curious fool.
They in truth are a furious tool
Living not the truth to life,
Full of toil and strife.

I am the cat, strutting with pride
Yet from my shadow I do hide,
For all my regal air's a game.
We are really all the same.

I am the cat who likes to play
With ball and string and mice this day.

But if you're not in a feisty mood;
You only have to bring some food
Or take your hand and stroke my fur
And I'll return to you my purr
And I'll be greatly pleased with that
For I am the cat.