Elizabeth Martin


I Just Want A Cheeseburger

" May I take your order?" the speaker box asked my mother who was struggling to get her money out of her unorganized purse. " What do you want Liz?" my mother asked me quickly. " Um…" I said thinking of something. " Bless it Jesus! Where is my money?!" my mother yelled out in a stressful tone.

" Ma, can I get a Big Mac meal?" my little brother, Saviore, asked from the backseat of our Jeep Cherokee. " That's too much! Heck no!" my mom screamed. I rolled my eyes and said," I want a cheeseburger with a Sprite."

" It's my birthday Liz! You mean you want a water! Your hurting my pockets!" Mom yelled. She pulled out her money and said," Thank you Jesus," as she counted her it.

" Fine I would like a cheeseburger with a water," I said and folded my arms across my chest. My mom opened her car door because we couldn't roll down the window I think Saviore broke it.

" Yes, can I have three cheeseburgers and two waters," my mom yelled at thee speaker box. " That would be four dollars and fifty cents," the speaker box said. " Four dollars and fifty cents," my mom said to herself in confusion as we drove up to the window of the fast food restaurant.

An Asian woman with black hair that was pulled into a bun said, " Four dollars and fifty cents." " Now hold on," my mom started," four dollars and fifty cents is too expensive. It used to be four dollars and thirty cents." "O now we charge ten cents for the water mam," the Asian lady said in a bored voice.

" NO! Let me speak to your boss," my mom yelled. The manager came to the window almost instantly. He was an African American man with twisties and these big lips that stood out.

" Ma just pay the twenty cents," I whispered. " NO these people are wrong for doing this, " she yelled back. " Yeah excuse me sir. This young lady charged twenty cents for water."

The man explained to my mom that that was what they've just started . " O sure! Well you have a blessed day!" my mom yelled and rode off without paying them or accepting the food. " I JUST WANT A CHEESEBURGER," I whispered.