Where did you go?

I found you

Or did you find me

Who knows? All we know was it was meant to be

But for how long?

And how fast would it go?

I never thought I'd fall this hard

So hard that you couldn't catch me

Wouldn't catch me

Where did you go?

When did you leave me?

Or are you still here?

I can't feel you

You're touch is no longer longed for

You smile no longer brightens my day

You eyes don't light up my world

Where did you go?

Why is it when I look into your eyes your not there?

Why can't you come and hold me like you use to

When things felt right

And we didn't fight

I want you back

I need you back!

Just come back to me, please.

You don't have to love me anymorejust hold me for a while

Pick me up so I can stand on my own again

Show me that you didn't want to hurt me

Didn't mean to hurt me

Come back and make me better again

Make me stronger

I love you

I want you

I need you!