Beginning Update Sequence: April 15, 2008. Will be undergoing revisions slowly, so as not to flood the inboxes of those who have this story on alert.


Recently I recieved an anonymous review that read:

"I am flaming you."

After deleting it, I began to wonder; are these flamers just giving up on the elaborate "Go play around in a food processor, dork! You totally suck"? Aside from the fact that flames are frowned upon, this is more of an insult than what happened before. They won't even take the time to tell you to go to hell anymore. When I review, I always try to leave some constructive crit to help the author, but this is just taking it too far. And they don't even have the guts to tell you who they are most of the time. But please, please, if you get a flame, don't flame him/her back. Turn the other cheek. Avoid flame wars when at all possible.

Another example; on the summary, one author (someone I know in real life) posted the common phrase "flamers are eaten." A reviewer, not anonymous this time (and hence not able to be deleted) posted "eat me." (Please ignore the ridiculous implications of that phrase alone. :D ) Cute, sure, but it's still annoying. Other phrases such a "flames are used to roast marshmallows" in the summary are fairly entertaining at first glance, but it contributes nothing to the description of the story.

Flames are bad, m'kay?


Recently, I've noticed that the sci-fi and fantasy sections have been recieving a few, tentative new ideas. People are getting bored of stereotypes and starting to break out of the mold with new, interesting ideas. Kudos to the authors who can pull this off.

The one thing I suggest: Don't copy the newest trend. If alternate universe stories are "in" this week, don't write one just for the publicity. It'll end up forced and overused. Take your own ideas; let them flourish. Take the seeds of creation and plant them in the garden of your mind; then, when the blooms are ready (i.e., trimmed and presentable, free of aphids and typos), gently pluck them and post them on fictionpress.


This section is for the many "Public Reviews" I'll be posting. Basically, I find stories I like (some of them are suggested, but I like them anyway), and post the author's summary as well as my own short synopsis of what I think of the story. You won't really find any negative reviews in here; I just want to help promote authors that I think are good at their craft. Genres are personal preference, but I try to only take stories of over 1,000 words that are updated more than twice a year.

Think your story is up to par? Drop a review or a PM to me with your name and the name of the specific story you want me to read. Don't be terribly disappointed if your story doesn't end up here, but I'll at least leave you some constructive criticism and hang around for the rewrite. :)

I will consider poetry collections and Communities in the future, and perhaps a quotation section. But that's all speculation.