Emotion, a mortal sin, eternal and forever, inevitably fatal.
Another flaw in supposed perfection, another fault in the line of eternity.

A minute fissure in a towering glacier can release untold devastation,
those ice blue eyes are deeper than mortal flesh and blood.

Captivation and intrigue are the beginnings of misery and lamentation.

Blessed rain staining ivory stone crimson, perfection flawed by reality,
a life sealed by apathy, sealed to protect against pain and betrayal.

Violet reminders of a forgotten past, forever binding threads of isolation,
severing friendship and trust, harbingers of chaos and destruction.

A beautiful melody lost in the cacophony of reality and sin,
a perfect diamond in the harsh sands of life and time.

When joy is lost to sorrow, life is lost to death, memories are lost to time.

When you are lost to me, I'm frozen in the memories of your gaze,
the depths of your enchantment drown me in frozen lakes of crystallized ice.