I'm sorry that I told you

Because you never understood

You said you wanted to help so I let you

I let you try hoping you could

I tried to explain

Over and over again

But no matter how clear and plain

You never understood my pain

Hard enough it was to open up

Worse was when you didn't comprehend

You totally missed the main concept

I don't think you got a single thing

I died inside

Watching you take it all the wrong way

The last few guttering flames of hope subside

There is nothing left to do or say

Desperately I put faith in you

Wildly dreaming of some help I might get

Despite my fears I trusted you

But all I found was regret

So I thank you for all you've done

You've shown me my fears are real

Now I know to trust no one

There's no help for me in this life, this ordeal