Author's note: A least it's not my crappy poetry. This is basicly based on my first day of sixth grade but a little different since I don't remember much from my first day of sixth grade. The names will be different though. I hope you like it.

A New Friend

It was a new school year and I was nervous since I didn't know what to expect and I didn't know what people would say about or if I would have trouble with people. I got onto the bus with my friend, Megan,and we found a seat where we could sit together.

I looked around the bus to see what people were on. People I like, people I hate,people that are okay, people I don't know and friends.


It's just another school year. It's just another school year. A very long school year. I'm going to get lost.

"Megan, I'm going to get lost." I said to Megan.

"You won't get lost." She said reasuringly, though I still felt a little insecure about it.

We talked on the ride there and once we got to the middle school Megan and I followed everyone else inside since I had no idea where I was going.

Once in the locker area though it took me at least five times to open my locker. It was hard since I wasn't used to it.

When I got my things put away I look at my schedule to see what class I have first. Choir first. Now to find the stupid room. Time to get lost. My first two classes went slow and went slow, at least to me.

After I settled down in my seat and class starts my science teacher gives us assigned seats. I had to sit by people I didn't even know, which kind of scared me.

"Hey, my name's Jennifer." A girl said. She sat in front of me.

"Rachael." I replied nervously.

"What school did you go to?"

"Andrews Elementry. You?"

"Hoppin Elementry."

We continued to talk until told to stop and the rest of the day went smoothly and boring. Though as the day went by me and Jennifer became friends so the day wasn't all that bad. In the end I made a new friend and to this day me and her are still bestfriends.

END of one-shot. It sucks, but it will work for now I guess. It's somewhat true about how I met my friend. Please review.