A black rose, petals falling from decay over time,
murdered by the harsh ice of winter.

Toxicity, love's most potent weapon,
a double-edged blade of disaster.

Every time I break, you're there to pick up the pieces.

A crimson rose, petals dancing from jubilant ignorance,
slowly dying in the warmth of spring's life.

Every time I'm lost, I find myself in your arctic gaze.

Sinking through a tear-filled ocean, an infinite sea of misery,
blind and deaf, there is no escape for the fallen.

That which can be felt can be manipulated,
within every strength lies an innate weakness.

Time flows only forward, not even memories can turn it back.

Fiery sunsets pale in comparison to your gaze,
your voice makes even bird song dissonant in contrast.

A paradox in which every question has an answer,
an enigma that, in itself, explains everything with nothing.

Ying and Yang, good and evil, the clarity without which life cannot exist.

With a gaze that can calm and diminish sunsets,
love has no power over you; emotions have no hold.

With your power, you can part the waters in which I'm drowning,
why then, do you waste your time with imperfection?

You're already complete, true mortal perfection,
too bad I'm frozen in your arctic gaze.