Author's Note: So here's yet another one-shot; another product of Lia Really Should Get Some Sleep One Day... Hrmm.

This is more implied 'use your imagination' type m/m slash rather than the graphic 'and they rut like rabbits' sort...oh, and if you can actually find a plot in here somewhere, smack it for me, will you? lol

Anyway, hope you enjoy this. It's kinda really short...

His lips coil around the succulent tip, slowly sucking at the seeping juice before sliding the length halfway into his mouth in a smooth motion that makes me swallow, hard. I can hardly stop myself from licking my lips as I see a glimpse of white between his lips, which he curls back, exposing his teeth to apply a little pressure- just enough- to the firm length he has in his mouth. I'm practically groaning as he continues his delicious ministrations, his eyes half-lidded in pleasured concentration, savouring every taste on his tongue. I can feel the flush on my cheeks growing every time his lips twist with suction and I'm scared that I'm going to lose control soon.

A few moments later he pulls back, licking at the sweet liquid dripping out of the corner of his lips. Noticing me staring at him, he gives me a quizzical half-smile before reaching for another sliver of cantaloupe.

"What?" he asks innocently- almost too innocently- before wrapping his fingers around another tender slice of melon and lifting it up to his lips again, eyes fluttering half-closed at the sweetness of the fruit.

I hear myself mentally groaning as he purrs with pleasure, finally forcing myself to get up from my seat to leave the room, though not before shooting him a perfectly dirty look as I stalk away to safety.

He's at it again.

His tongue is lapping at the white cream spilling forth, and I gulp back a moan when he flickers out the delicate, pink appendage and buries it in the exposed white filling of the pastry. He scoops some out of the éclair's crevice before retracting his tongue back into his mouth, strong throat muscles moving under golden skin as he swallows, hard. He licks his lips audaciously, unintentionally smearing a tiny dollop of cream at the corner of his mouth, which immediately sparks an image in my mind- which is already in the gutter by this point- that has that smear as something entirely different from cream.

His intense emerald eyes meet mine suddenly and he smirks as he opens his mouth wide and deep-throats the éclair. I think I stop breathing at that point, my eyes practically bugging out of my head when he winks at me and presses his teeth into the fluffy, light pastry, ripping a section from it and taking it all into his mouth. He's apparently taken too much though, as more cream leaks from the corner of his mouth, which he immediately swipes at with the back of his hand. He only manages to smear it rather than get rid of it but he doesn't notice as he continues his sweet torture.

When he's finished, he gets to his feet and gives me another bold smirk before making his way to the door. Halfway there, he stops suddenly and carefully wipes his thumb over the cream-smear, finally getting it off in a dab on his thumb. He automatically flicks his tongue out and licks away the cream, giving me another suggestive glance over his shoulder before he disappears.

I think I actually might die from this. Why, why must he always be eating?

His lips are hollowed as he sucks firmly on the milk-and-raspberry flavoured chewy lollipop that he's harbouring in his mouth. He seems to be sucking so hard that if it weren't for the lollipop sitting in his mouth, then I'm sure that the insides of his cheeks would be touching. He's pretending not to notice me, his eyes fixed on the page of the book he's supposedly reading. As his eyes go through the motions of skimming across the page but there's no way he can really be concentrating when he's sucking like that and his tongue is doing all…that. 'That' being the way he's twirling it around the top of the lollipop, stretching out the chewy candy before winding his tongue around the thinned white and pink surface and creating a hypnotic spiral which he immediately engulfs back into his mouth.

Then he goes back to the sucking. The hollows of his cheeks formed by the suction he's created with the narrow 'o' of his mouth have me flushing immediately, kicking my mind back into the street gutter it belongs in. I'm losing my nerve faster than I'd like to admit and I immediately find my gutter-mind debating over whether I should just let myself crack and give in, or whether I can hold out a little longer.

I finally come to my decision when I watch him sucking on the tip of the candy so hard that it pulls off the stick. I think that's about the last straw.

With an exasperated, defeated groan, I leap to my feet and hurtle across the room, grabbing him by the collar and yanking him to his feet. He looks up at me in surprise when I crush my lips against his, his now forgotten book dropping to the floor when I grind my hips against his, letting him know he's won.

"Dammit, you really pulled out all the stops, didn't you?" I mutter, pressing my face into his neck and breathing deeply.

"Huh? I didn't realise you were in the room! I didn't do anything!" he protests with a grin, clearly pleased with his success.

"You won," I growl lowly, reaching into my back jeans pocket and pulling out a twenty-dollar note before shoving it into his hand, "You won, okay? Now please can we just…?"

He gives me another triumphant smirk before teasingly bucking his hips into mine.

"Yeah, we can. –Just don't ever make a bet like this with me again. You know I'll always win," he chuckles, entwining our fingers together and dragging me towards the couch.

He's right- he'll always win.

Only because of his food-play though, my mind sulks.

Honey, Don't Play With Your...Food.