Green and blue

Pure and free

The earth lay

No brown river

No black tree

Nature was happy

Until they came,

So like me

They ripped and tore

Taking everything

Giving nothing but death and decay

Like some unholy parasite

Thing daemon spread

Try as she might

Nature can't win

Doomed from the start

When she let us in


We built over her peaceful groves

We paved over forests to make our homes

We built walls to keep the green out

We sought to know

To control

To master


A soulless nightmare

A mindless beast

But we were wrong

Time does tell

We'd pillaged

We'd raped

We'd murdered

We'd destroyed this world we call home

Black and brown

Tainted and trapped

The earth now lies

A barren waste

No blue river

No green tree

Nature was happy

Until they came

A daemon like me