together, we are what we are
naked like the bulbs lighting the room are naked
without lampshades
nameless, faceless
two puzzle pieces of one heart
convex to concave
the close softness of skin and hands trailing thighs and rustling bedsheets
spelling out love with the air we
( . . . . )


together, there are our sighs,
and the darkness of your complexion
legs and hips and bones crossing over, under
your hands caressing
the paleness of my own

& we are mocha, mixed, shades of grey
we see in running water-colours
leaving emotion on our clothes-sleeves
to be seen,
to be taken,
like we take chances and
one other
(and enjoy)
we spell out love
with the breath of our sighs
and the running watercolours
of our skins

we are two parts of one heart merging
convex to concave,
two puzzle pieces