The Watermelon-Eating, Harp-Playing, Scorpion Superstar

Well there was this super-cool scorpion right? Yeah well he was not just some random scorpion because he was a watermelon-eating scorpion! How cool is that? A watermelon-eating scorpion! And not only was he a watermelon-eating scorpion, but he was a pro at it. He could spit the seeds for miles and he became pretty famous and everyone was amazed. In fact it was so amazing that he inspired someone to write a song about him called "The Watermelon-Eating Scorpion Song."

That made him even more famous and everyone was so psyched to see the watermelon-eating scorpion that he had to take a world tour and show off his watermelon-eating skills. He went everywhere: Paris, Italy, Iraq, Egypt, New York, California, Mexico, China and a lot of other places too.

But then he got bored so he decided he had to learn a new talent. So he retired from the life of watermelon eating and all that great stuff and learned to play the harp. He did this because he figured if there was a song about him, then he should probably perform it and since scorpions do not talk, then he had better be able to play it.

But he could not just play any old instrument. He thought about the guitar but that was so cliché, then he thought about the drums but that was too hard. He really liked the flute but he needed fingers to play that instrument and though he was lacking in very little in his short life, he definitely did not possess fingers. So he decided that he would be different and play the harp.

Well this surprised everyone so much that he became famous again except that since he was already famous to begin with, he was extra famous now. He was a watermelon-eating, harp-playing, scorpion super-star! So then he had to do world tours again and this time instead of eating watermelons, he performed in concerts. He performed in some very famous places like the Coliseum and the Grand Ole Opry and Broadway and Times Square and all kinds of other places.

That watermelon-eating, harp-playing scorpion super-star was up there with the best of them. He even had tabloid articles about him even though there is never anything truly scandalous going on in a scorpion's life.

So that is pretty much it. After a while he probably got bored again and found some amazing new talent which astounded everyone yet again. But now I have grown bored and shall move on to something else.