Lost in dark woods
Chasing shadows, fragments of dreams ...
Always out of reach

Trying to grab hold;
Slippery and elusive ...
I fail. And fall again.

Moonless nights, grey mornings
Work, sleep, no time for play ...
So life passes by

This is not life
More a stumbling from dawn to dusk ...
Searching for the light

No way to lessen the weight
Heavy on my chest ...
Denied peace of mind

Loving whispers,
Apologies, sighs and heartfelt tears ...
Too many tears

And does love go sour
Like milk curdled in the sun?
Nothing stays the same.

Fragments of lost days,
Wasted time which can't be clawed back ...
They turn to dust

Like an invalid,
I lie in bed …
Well, but unable to function

Waiting for some miracle,
Some changes …
That only I can effect

Angels and demons,
Jostling for supremacy …
War inside my head

The emptiness I feel,
Is real. I wish I knew
How best to fill it

I'm afraid of me.
The highs and lows …
And the broken pieces between.

Mend me please. Repair me.
Make me whole again.
Restore me to myself

I have hope.
I know that this limbo prison term
Is almost over.

Meanwhile, I wait.
I must act. Soon I'll know
What it is that I must do.

Fragments, pieces of puzzle …
Magnetic pull.
Nearly whole, nearly one.

a/n: This was written over a couple of gloomy days about a month ago. You'll be glad to hear that I feel a little better now.

When I started the poem, somehow the first verse started out like a spontaneous haiku. So I thought I'd challenge myself and write all the rest as haiku too. Okay, it's not the perfect 5,7,5 haiku form - but each stanza is 17 syllables.