Sitting still at home, listening to some music

Feeling calm and strong, and it's like nothing else matters

My fantasyworld, it's my everything

Then my cellphone rings, knocking on my door

Wary of letting reality enter my sanctum

But I do it anyway, and I hear your voice in the other end

One call, one word from you has my heart beating painfully in my chest

It does not easen until we've said goodbye

You cannot be mine, so why do I hope?

Why can only you awake these emotions inside of me?

For one year you have unknowingly haunted my steps

You're happy with your girl, and I'm trailing behind like a ghost

My friend, I love you, but sometimes I wish we had more

You try to help me, always asking what's wrong

I can see the concern and worry in your eyes, and it pains me that I cannot tell you why

But don't you know, I can't tell the source for my pain what's wrong…

But now, it doesn't matter anymore

You know now, what I'm feeling

And I know that there can be nothing between us again

I'm glad

Because I'm not the jealous type, and I like you as my friend, and friend only

The other feelings doesn't matter, when I can have you as my friend…