In regret and betrayal, I lie dying

My friends stared at me in disbelief and disgust

They thought that I was stronger

My friends, who I thought loved me, left me to suffer deadly pain in the middle of a battle

My sight is blurry. And it gets darker every second

I close my eyes…

Then, I hear a scream of anguish and sorrow, and I open my eyes again

There, infront of me is your beautiful face, blonde hair hanging over you tearfull grey eyes

You embrace me and whisper sweet nothing in my ear

The words coming from your lips are healing my soul

And your hands stroaking gently over my body are healing my wounds, wiping the blood away, closing the gashes

I hope you realise my saviour, that you will be the one who saved me from what I deserved

There will be scars, but that's nothing after the horrors I've seen and been through

I smile

I'm finally home

Here in your arms…