The Style of a Young Woman

The transition for girl to young woman is a time to look forward to. It means you can stay up later, go out with friends more often, wear new clothing styles, put on make-up, and even date when you get old enough. It is a time to look forward to; more freedom, driving, and becoming a responsible person.


Going from child to Woman is a big change. It means new clothing as puberty sets in. Breasts bloom, hips flare, faces loose the last of their baby fat that may have been stubbornly clinging on since you were three years old. Pants with waist lines that went around your waist have dropped down to your hips. Soft white underwear is replaced by a thong so that you can wear your tight hipster jeans and reveal the new curves. The hem of your shirt has crept up and now your stomach and belly button show.

New shoes are also part of the package. No Young Woman's wardrobe is complete without seven pairs of shoes with sequence, three pairs of different styled boots, half a dozen pairs of sandals and flip flops, and of course any type of a shoe with a heel in excess of one inch. Make sure you have at least two pairs of heels for all occasions.


As a young woman with the proper wardrobe, you now need to accessorize. Purses make a good addition to any outfit, so long as they are either too small to fit much into, or too large to be practical. Either is your preference, but keep in mind a new purse is required for each month so that you don't bore people with the same over or undersized purse that is an eye blight to look at.

Since your middle now shows because of the new clothing style, you need eye catching pieces for your stomach and lower back. Though the revealed skin is admirable enough, you will need more. For your stomach it is required you get a belly button piercing of some kind. Anything shiny or oddly attractive that compliments your figure is recommended. On your back get a tattoo of something to reveal you have a mysterious and flirty side. As you have grown and changed, so have butterflies and fairies. For examples of a good tattoo to get, shop at 'Hot Topic' and look around.

In addition you need jewelry. At this time it is acceptable to buy a few pieces and wear them all the time. After a month, get a vain boyfriend who sees you as nothing more than his own accessory. He will no doubt get annoyed at your lack of variety and dote on you with gifts of rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and any other jewelry he thinks you need to look pretty. After you have a sufficient collection get rid of him before he gets the idea to reclaim payment for all the gifts. You now have a heap of jewelry at no cost to yourself.


Since you are now a grown woman with a fashion sense, it's out with the old and in with the new. Paint your room something new and fresh that is not childish or below your age. The colors must express what you feel inside about this new change in your life. Buy new furniture to go with the new paint on the walls, or if you so choose, clash with the wall color. Anything you do will be considered cool since you are a hormonal teenager coming into the age choices. Your parents may have misgivings about this part of your transformation, but tell them it is just a phase and that you'll grow out of it. After all, it's only a wall color and can be painted over.

Make up:

Since this is the most important part of your new life it will be explained carefully. You can go with two make-up styles. There is the subtle enhancement of your natural beauty with cosmetics. A little tan eye shadow here, some brown mascara there, and a brush of pale pink blush across your cheeks. You are now the blushing beauty that everyone wants to get to know. Sly glances will be shot in your direction from guys, and you'll be a hottie magnet all the girls will be jealous of; if you can maintain the look and pull it off well.

With the bold look you can express yourself more with the colors. Anything startling and jaw dropping that gets people to openly stare is wanted. This includes metallic colors, anything rich and vibrant (so long as it's not a color found naturally on your body), and/or black. Black will no doubt become your new friend with this bold look.

The basic make-up kit contains base, mascara, eye shadow, blush, and eye liner. These items are to be put on each and every morning without fail. The first few times you put on this kit properly, you will look in the mirror and see a new you. It will be startling at first, and the side effects are you will either not like what you see (which is most often not the case), or you will look in the mirror and see a new you. Often this feeling is accompanied by slight giddiness, and talking to yourself in the mirror. You will try out your new face on family members with a changed personality for the duration of time you have the make-up on. This new face and personality you see is the "Mask of Society".

Putting it all together:

Now you have the different pieces of your new life as a young woman. Dress yourself in your freshly painted room by putting on your new clothes. Go into the bathroom and carefully put on your Mask of Society and the personality that came with it. Accessorize with the proper pieces to compliment your new womanly look. It is stressed you must do this every morning so that you can present yourself to the world as the world wants to see you. If you should lapse in this routine and revert-even for a day-back to the who you were before you became a woman with a mask, your peers will forever wonder who the true you is. You can not allow them to wonder. You must maintain the image you create.

Congratulations. You are the new generation of women to be thrust into the akward world of high school and life. You will bend and conform to the mold society presses you into. Your social status, how other treat you and how you treat yourself will be determined in these four years from freshman to senior graduation. Remember to always put on your mask in the morning and smile. Welcome to the world of young womanhood.