A Parody... of Sorts

Dear Sam Waterston I salute you... bthpthtpbtphttpht!

The Raspberry of Indifference.

You, Dear Sir are a Jerk…. But then I forgive you. After all, you can't help being goy.

Although I wonder if Abraham Lincoln—the man you so love to portray—would have refused such gracious thanks from a little peon artist. I doubt it. As a real lawyer he defended the railroad companies, but he also defended the little guys, like me.

So why didja send my stuff back in my face? Didn't your Daddy tell you—never burn your bridges, Son?

What? Did the mailroom laugh and say that I was just some crazy kook writing to John Munch's sidekick?

I'll have you know, sir…I may be a kooky clairvoyant comedienne, but my IQ is at least 145. Still lower than that of my very distant cousin who has the comedic sense to live in France—and not believe every political shenanigan that parades around as truth.

Who just happened to realize that maybe hidden in the parcel he received were the writings of a genuinely intelligent, but severely depressed "kid sister" going through a real nightmare… that maybe she needed a little kindness. A little intelligent luring away from the window ledge… a little lecture in three simple words.

Goes a long way you know, a little kindness. Saved this gal's life.

But you didn't get to find out about that…now did you?

Maybe you've been playing the Catholic, scotch drinking role of "Prosecutor, Jack McCoy" for too long. You don't even know that I was just trying to thank you for being a part of the inspiration that helped me get through this nightmare… that I actually admired the kinds of characters that you have portrayed over the years, especially in Miracle At Midnight and The Nightmare Years… based on true stories during the Holocaust.

So what do I do now with the print run copy of the original drawing that I sent you?

Returned to me two months later as "REFUSED."

TWICE…the mail department tried to get you to pick up your mail...

Give me one good reason why I should try to thank you again….or consider you a man of honor.

Perhaps I should just erase your name and dedicate it to the REAL man in my life.

My husband—an innocent man who can't return to America…? Yeah, I think I'll do that.

Then kiss America goodbye…


I'll miss America…Perhaps.

About as much as I'll miss Law & Order with EADA Jack McCoy when they replace the main character with someone younger. Oh well…. Lennie's gone too… to a better place than here.

C'est la vie.

Okay, ranting break is over. Back to work.
(I forgive you, but you're still a jerk).