I walked, one evening, in the rain

My umbrella tucked under my arm.

The crowd rushed by me.

Some stared as they passed by.

Some didn't bat their single minded eyes.

My skirt stuck to my legs.

My hair formed clumps on my back.

I looked up to see the moon's glow threw the clouds.

The moon and I have something in common.

We stand out from the uniformity around us

But not that night.

That night it fought threw the murk.

Like me on the tough days.

That night I was happy with my place amongst the world



I saw a broken man huddled against a broken wall.

I gave him my umbrella.

It was all I had.

It will not fix his troubles.

Maybe it will help,

Just a little.

A little is better than nothing.

Maybe one day I'll see him again,

Maybe learn his name.

I doubt it.

If I do I hope I'm walking in the rain,

Just me, the moon and the rain.