CATS & DOGS: (Beauty found in battle…)

The final beginning.

Animals' territory.

Only predators.

A swarm, swallowing

Every thing and creature here.

Time bombs, standing by.

Simple movements make

The crowd set off in motion.

Reeling from the blast.

One step and it's gone –

Control, now nonexistent.

Witness the power.

Two sides lurch forward

Into one mass of figures.

A fiery anger.

Discern the two teams,

The two sides from each other.

A blind ignorance.

A cat and dog fight

Explodes for the no man's land.

What we're reduced to.

Cheer for the right team

And you will get the grand prize.

Protecting the land.

The barking of wolves,

The graceful swoop of cats.

Last glimpse of beauty.

Dancing with blades

Guns twirling out of holsters.

Destruction for land.

Equivalent trade.

The final cost for balance.

An expensive price.

The teams are finished.

It's the bloody aftermath.

No winners in war.