The Rhythm of the Wind

The trees dance to the rhythm of the wind,

The grass sways to it's beat,

Giving life to the small valley,

Making music wherever it creeps,

The leaves rustle like a tambourine,

The old fence gate sings like a cricket.

The trees dance to the rhythm of the wind,

Birds churp as they glide within that jiving beat,

Pages turn in a forgotten book,

Tickling the cheeks of a sleeping girl,

Faster and faster, the beat quickens,

Louder and louder, the music becomes,

The valley singing sweet melody,

The air is electrified with the sounds of the valley,

The music seems like it will go on forever,

Then the wind dies,

The valley is now quietly humming,

The song is ending,

The rhythm of the wind is dying,

The valley is now peaceful,

Waiting for the next rhythm of the wind.

By Night Breeze