Hypnos, unravel thy sterling cobwebs

With aerial scents of lilac papaver.

Impregnate the curtain with gossamer,

With empyrean whispers and ocean ebbs.

Mantic shadows and mortal tongues arise,

Prancing bestiaries and forest phantasms,

Pulsating stasis of fetishized spasms:

All are summoned to the gloomy God's eyes.

Veiled in the shade of charcoal drapes he sleeps

In the floral couch of hypnogogic buds.

Oh Hypnos, bathed in the Lethe's mooning floods,

Unlock amnesia's gates, for my soul weeps.

I envy Endymion's Milesian cave

Where pale Selene comforts her lovers' dreams.

Perhaps my trust in the Oneroi's schemes

Will assuage these pagan desires I crave.

A very complicated poem which requires a few explanations. Hypnos was the son of Nyx (night) and the brother of Thanatos (death). He was the God of Sleep and father of the three Oneiroi: Morpheus (dreams in the form of human beings), Phobetor (also known as Icelus, in the form of animals and monsters) and Phantasos (who appeared in the form of inanimate objects). Notice the second stanza, the first letter of the first three lines is the initial of each Oneroi. (MPPA). Hypnos was said to live in an underworld palace by the river Lethe (the river of oblivion and forgetfulness) and said to be surrounded by poppies and papavers of various types ("flowers of sleep"). The curtains in his room were dark. He gave Endymion the power to sleep with his eyes open so that the shepherd could always look upon his lover, the Goddess Selene. Endymion was said to live in a cave near Miletus, in Asia Minor. I'm fascinated by all the underworld and darkest Gods of classical mythology such as Nyx, Selene, Hypnos and his three children.