I looked over at myself in the mirror again. I approved, for once. My strawberry blonde hair was in ringlets, framing my heart-shaped face. I donned a sparkly, champagne colored dress, and light make-up around my blue iris's.

It didn't do much to hide the bruises on my arm, so I smiled.

I knew he would approve.

The five circular bruises on my arm shone through, the purple distracted from the golden fabric of the dress. I smiled and pinched my arm, to make sure.

I got up from the vanity mirror in front of me, and stumbled down the stairs in high heels.

Sam was waiting for me downstairs. I knew he would be. He looked breathtaking in his tux, and I lived for it. He grinned at me, and his gaze immediately went toward the bruises, where he sucked in a deep breath. Making my way down the stair case, I clutched the wooden railing. If I fell, I wasn't sure he'd catch me.

When I reached the bottom of the stairs, he held out his arm, and ducked his head by my ear.

"Ready?" His voice was husky, almost as if he hadn't used it since the morning. It always sounded like that, and I loved it. I nodded dully.

"I always am." He smirked and nodded, leading me out the door. I didn't bother saying good-bye to my parents, they weren't home anyways.

"You didn't do as well as job on your arm as you did on your eye," Sam said, opening the door of his shiny black car. I nodded, and got in.

"I know. I purposely did that." As if the answer was obvious. I mean, wasn't it? He laughed.

"People are getting suspicious." He said in a sing song voice, starting up the car. I snorted.

"And I care why? People have been 'getting suspicious' for years now." I rolled my eyes. "Let's just go to Prom." He nodded and gave me a cheeky grin. His black hair fell across his eyes as he leaned over to change the radio. I clucked my tongue. The thing I loved about Sam was his eyes. He's one of the only guys I've met that has green eyes. Beautiful, crystal green eyes. I live for them, even though they always lie to me.

When we got to our high school, the parking lot was full. We parked on the street and started walking. The stars were out above us, and I smiled as I saw grey clouds that meant it would start raining soon. Sam followed my gaze and smiled with me, taking my hand, walking down the street.

It was crowded when we got there, but people made way for us. They always did. I smiled at people I knew, nodded to those who I thought looked friendly.

The music blared at me, and I stood by the speakers. I didn't mind. I was used to screaming, music shouldn't be any different. Sam was getting drinks, and probably spiking it as well. I let out a small giggle. I was by myself, but I didn't care. It was better this way. I looked over at my arm, to make sure it was still there. And it was. My fingers traced the bruises, and I had a ghost of a smile on my face. The disco lighting of the room almost gave me a headache. I didn't notice.

I saw Sam heading my way, with two drinks in hand. He bumped into a girl, with long brown hair in a pretty black dress. He smiled at her kindly, and she gave him a sultry smile back.

I knew he'd fuck her later tonight.

He strutted over to me and handed me my drink, and I downed it, not wanting to think about later tonight. Sam wrapped a protective arm around my shoulder, sipping lightly on his drink. Spotting the girl again, he coughed. He knew that I knew about her.

"I just saw Adam," He said, giving me a small smile, "I'm going to go talk with him." I knew his lies. I've heard them all before. I beamed at him.

"Yes, go ahead. Tell him I said hi." Sam nodded before weaving his way through the crowd.

The music stopped. I looked up on the stage where a live band was playing. A local band, I guessed. The lead singer was good looking, and dressed in a tux. I think he went to our school. The principle made his way over to the center stage, and gripped the microphone in his plump hand.

"The results are in for this years Prom Queen and King!" A roar erupted from the cafeteria. I just smiled faintly.

"Your new Prom King is…" He fiddled with an envelope in his hands. Opening it, he sucked in a breath, "Jared Wyatt!" I heard a loud screech overpower me. Girls were swooning at the boy that slowly jogged up to the stage, and accepted his crown. He smiled and waved, just as another wave of yells erupted. "Congratulations!" The principle beamed. I frowned. Jared was amazing. In every way. Better than Sam, I knew. He had amazing blue eyes, with forest brown hair. The star Quarterback, the new Prom King. He was perfect. I admired him, wishing I could be like him. Perfect. In every way.

"And, the moment all you ladies have been waiting for…" He chuckled cheekily, and opened the blue envelope in his hands. Slowly sliding out the paper, I could hear the abaited breaths of the girls. I smirked to myself. "May Anderson!" He shoved the paper beneath his armpit and started clapping. I slowly made my way to the stage.


I hope Sam won't be mad.

I received my crown with grace, standing next to Jared with a sense of poise. My posture was erect, and my crown lay idly on my head. Jared smiled and squeezed my arm gently. My arm with my bruises. He was gentle, and it surprised me. I sucked in breath and looked up at him. He was tall, very tall, and he was tall compared to me even.

But he was gentle. And this was a new feeling. Hesitating, I started fiddling with my manicured nails. I could feel Sam's gaze on me as he clapped, his arm looped with the nameless girl. Closing my eyes, I turned toward Jared. The principle's clapping died down as he spoke into the mircrophone.

"It is now a tradition for the King and Queen to share a dance, yes?" He laughed jollily, and shoved us together. Jared smiled, a real smile, and took my waist in his hands. I gingerly put my hands around his neck, and rested my head on his shoulder.

Was Sam watching? Would I be hit later? I didn't care. I felt safe.

Jared rested his head on mine, and pulled me closer.

"I know about Sam." He whispered in my ear. I froze temporarily and relaxed into his hold.

"Oh?" I wanted to know what he knew. I felt him nod against me, and could practically feel him close his eyes.

"Yes, I do. He hits you, May. And you enjoy it. You enjoy it because it's the only type of love you've ever known." His voice was soothing. Not like Sam's at all. It felt kind. It felt strange.

"Maybe you're right." I whispered back. I raised my head so my cheek was pressed against his. "But it's the routine. He hits me. I fall. He smiles. It works out perfectly." I smiled at the word perfect. My lipgloss brushed against his cheek, and I felt the urge to lick it off. I didn't. He squeezed me tighter. "It makes him happy." I heard myself telling him. I didn't even tell this to my best friend, June. "And I can never make anyone happy like I can make him happy." I shut my eyes tightly.

"Oh, May." He sighed. "You can make me happy." The song ended. But I didn't part from him. He didn't let me go either.

"You see the girl Sam is with?" I knew he did. He was watching them on stage. I saw. "He's going to fuck her tonight." I whispered in his ear. He stiffened.

"How do you know? Why doesn't he…" He trailed off. Why didn't he fuck me? I'm not really sure. I was a ragdoll, not a hooker.

I smiled against him though. I never smiled this much. It scared me. And I told him what I thought. "I'm a ragdoll, not a hooker." I laughed. "And how do I know?" My laughter died. "He always does. Same old story."

"Leave him, May." Jared's voice was stern. People were looking at us strangely, and I could feel Sam's smoldering gaze on us. For once, I wasn't afraid.

"Why?" I wanted to know.

"Why?!" He exploded, but his voice was not above a whisper. "Because I love you!" I wasn't surprised. "I want you to be with me." He brought me into a hug. "I won't hurt you, May. Not now, not ever." He sighed contentedly. "You need me as much as I need you."

He spoke the truth. I beamed at him.

"Hang on then." I told him, putting a finger to his lips, and pulling out of his grasp. I made my way over to Sam. His arm was protectively around the pretty brunette. I smiled at them.

"May!" He exclaimed excitedly. He pulled the girl closer. She was going to be his trophy. I could tell. I smiled at the girl faintly. She didn't know what she was getting into. "This is Aurora." He said, nodding frantically. The girl gave me a Cheshire cat grin. They'll be perfect for each other.

"Sam. I'm leaving you." His eyes widened in a silent fury. But I leaned into him to whisper in his ear. "I'll still keep your bruises." I winked and walked back to Jared.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and once again pulled me close. I liked his closeness.

"Did you leave him, May? Did you?" Jared asked, sounding like a lost puppy. I looked up at him softly, and stroked his soft hair.

"Yes, Jared, I left him." He smiled and brought me tighter to his body.

"Good. You'll be mine." He said into my hair, nuzzling me softly. "Mine forever." I sighed into him.

I knew I'd be his hooker.