I can only hear
A faint echo
Of the weakness,
That is you;
Whose heart
Beat up lines,
By chilling whispers
- Boot into combat -
Protecting pale pride:

Your cross to carry (on)
Screams of deadly songs,
Stretched the black shimmer
From vile venom,
E(a)ve's – drop(ping)
Of dripping blood,
- Moans -
Meaningless to you,
But smoked by your own gun;

So afraid to get stained
By muddy madness,
You merely fled the scene,
Tried to escape,
To be
Captured into prison
To State:

"Free your mind"

And framed
A frightening picture
Of who IS (?)
Loving the fantasy
To stay alive,
To Your final judgment;

Such hummed hearsay of sin
To me - You are
Simply so cruel;
Standing outside - Watching in;

And as Adam knew his wife
I know;

"YOU can't handle the truth…"