Dusk's Eternal Embrace

Blackened sky and faded light,

Barren wasteland enlightened by night,

The moon glares down, red and strong,

As the languished day sings its closing song.

In the dark at final hour,

The red moon laughs as darkness falls,

With a smile of ruinous power,

Maniacal death it enthralls!

Deadly fiend with eyes of decay,

Casts its hand to the rotten mold,

Striking pain with staff of dismay,

Power of death it forever holds!

Power over earth and fire,

Raining blood in boiling rivers,

Masses pleading by the pyre,

Their fear shall become its lever!

From the sky the red moon sneering,

As the figure strikes with scepter,

In the crevice dead parts searing,

Darkness cracks the earth forever!

From the crack the dragon rises,

The mighty wings of Tiamat,

Rising up from crimson ashes,

Bloody fires her heads spat!

Figure rises to the serpent,

Reaches out with rotting hand,

To the Earth the darkness sent,

Masses burning in red sand!

Devil and dragon under the moon,

Smile and laugh at the great endless doom,

Endless death and pain shall loom,

As they gleefully slash at all life as it burns to ash!