Somewhere, in the back of his mind, Josh heard ringing. His head pounded at the sound. More than ringing, it seemed like a jackhammer digging deeper and deeper into his brain. He heard himself groan although he couldn't remember doing it. Sleep… More sleep… Those were probably the only thoughts that were going through his mind. Well that, and the fact that he wanted to murder the damn thing that was making the ringing noise.

Ring! Ring! Die! Okay just knock the dam thing out! Josh moved his arms over and searched… Hmmm… I can't find it… what was that thing you used again to see? Oh right… eyes! And on cue, his bloodshot eyes opened. When they did, he regretted ever knowing what eyes were. Sunlight flooded wherever he was and all he could see was this bright light. He quickly shielded himself from the light. If heaven were this bright, he would have rather burned in hell. His eyes adjusted soon enough and he found that the sound of his frustration was coming from somewhere on the floor. He turned to the floor from the bed. Wait a second…my floor isn't carpeted…Its quite amusing how that was the first thing he noticed even though he had wanted to get his floor carpeted but couldn't bring himself to do the task of vacuuming every week. As always, laziness wins out.

So there he was, looking down towards the floor and wondering for a full minute why his floor was carpeted. Only then did he realize that he probably wasn't at his home. Raising his head, he found that he definitely wasn't home. The bedroom he was in was covered with white and purple and silk and flowers. Women's stuff. Ew. The bed was definitely softer than anything he had felt before… yep definitely a woman's. Finally, Josh turned his head to the bed and what was beside him.

"Hmmmm…" came a soft moan from next to him. And there, next to him, was a beautiful woman, naked and looking wonderfully ravishing under the bright sunlight.

Soon, last night's events came back to Josh. He definitely remembered a bar… and a woman. What was her name again? Kimberly? Katlyn? She was definitely a model… he knew that… but why was he here? Well that came apparent when he found that his clothes and her clothes were littered on the floor.

Ring! Ring! Josh recognized that as the sound of his cell phone. Quickly, he grabbed the sheet he was under and scrambled over to his pants. Digging into the pockets, he found his cell phone, ringing away. Quickly, he flicked it open and said, "Hello?"

"Where the hell were you? I was calling you for like 2 hours and you cant possibly pick up your own phone!" Josh winced at the screeching voice. Grabbing his clothes, he walked out of the bedroom in order to not disturb… Kimberly? Oh well, who cares anyways.

"Mel?" he ventured. It sounded like his assistant but at this time of the morning, he couldn't possibly figure it out. Although his assistant doesn't yell at him… at all… So then who the hell was this?

"Mel? Is that another one of those tramps you sleep with?" demanded the controlling voice.

Oh my god! It's her! It took a moment for Josh to get over the initial shock of it all.

"Emmy?" he ventured again.

"Finally. I was actually expecting to wait here while you go through 70 girl's names before you get to mine," said the exasperated Emmy.

"Oh come on now Em, its not 70. Its definitely much more than that," Josh was now awake, and pretty much sober thanks to Emmy. Whenever he was around her, he got sober all right.

"You know, you use every single chance you get to boost your damn ego," Emmy said.

"Well of course, my darling. I have to be confident don't I?" Josh was smiling now as he explored the apartment he was in. Apparently, this girl Kimberly/Katlyn was doing all right. She had a decent apartment, two bedrooms with a bathroom and a kitchen and a nice sized living room. Josh made for the bathroom. He took his clothes and was now in the process of putting on his clothes while listening to Emmy scold him. Not an easy thing to do.

He heard her grunt in annoyance. God he loved to make her angry. If only he could see her. She looked radiant when she was angry.

"Josh, just shut up. I didn't call you to argue you know," she bit through although he could tell she was fighting herself to not argue. This is fun. He had forgotten how fun it was.

He started pulling his underwear on when he said, "And why exactly are you calling me at this ungodly hour?"

"Ungodly hour? Where the hell are you? In Paris? For your information, it is 11 am." Oh shit! 11 am already? He had a date at noon. And then a business meeting afterwards.

"You're serious?" he asked, now pulling his pants on which, with one hand, is a very annoying task.

"Of course. Where are you? Let me guess, you're at some girl's apartment and you just woke up because you were drinking last night and had gotten really drunk and some super model is probably sleeping somewhere next to you. Right?" It annoyed Josh that she knew so much about him.

"For your information, I am in her bathroom," was the only reply he could think of as he started buttoning his shirt.

"Oh wow. That's a change. Anyways, what are you doing tonight?" she asked quickly.

The question caught him off guard and he couldn't think of a good enough reply so he said the truth…which he later found out, was possibly the worst and best thing he could've said. "Nothing much… I have a business dinner at 6 but that'll be over before 8. So I'm free from after 8. Why?"

"Can I see you for dinner?" she asked. Josh couldn't tell from her voice why she was asking this.

"Aren't you still in Boston?" he wondered… slightly confused.

"Well I'm at the train station now, catching a train to New York. I'll be at the city probably around 5 or 6."

"And why exactly are you coming to New York?" he wondered again. There were very little things that puzzled Josh Stone but this was definitely one of them.

"That's what I'll be telling you at dinner about. Okay?" she sounded desperate and that was one of the reasons why Josh didn't pursue the matter.

"Okay fine. Call me when you get here okay?"

"Sure. Love ya. Bye."

"Love you too."

The line went dead. Now that was a very confusing phone call. Josh didn't know what Emmy was up to but it definitely was something huge if she was coming in from Boston to see him. And she didn't even tell him on the phone… which definitely meant something huge. He was still pondering when he put on his socks and shoes and found his black coat. He stuffed his wallet and cell phone in his pocket. Just when he was about to leave, the beauty on the bed stirred.

"Hey handsome. Where are you going?" she murmured, letting go of the sheet that covered her. He didn't even glance at her, just kissed her hard and headed for the door.

"I'll call you, okay?" and he left. It wasn't the best exit, considering he didn't have her number at all and even if he did, probably never will call her. He probably would've made a better exit, something flowery and romantic. But he didn't really give a damn. Emmy was coming back to town.


Emily Reynolds was sitting on Amtrak, heading for New York City. She never took this train. Actually, she hasn't been in New York for about 2 years now. But now, here she was, sitting next to the window and looking out to god knows where. In her hands was a book, something to do with medicine. Next to her was her duffel bag and her suitcase was sitting under her seat. It really bothered her that she was going to see Josh. It had been 6 months since she had seen him and the last time she had seen him, he was on top of some supermodel. Ironically, this morning, when she was calling him, he had just been on top of some supermodel. It looks like some things never change.

Emily didn't know why Josh was the one she was turning to in her time of need. Why him? Well it could be that they've known each other since 2nd grade and he was her best friend but that was beside the point. She knew other people in New York besides Josh. She knew more responsible people in New York besides somehow, her fingers just dialed his number and there he was, talking to her like he had just woken up out of some drunken stupor and full of wit as he always will be.

She really hated him. She hated the way he was so arrogant and the way he flaunts his ego like it's the best thing in the world. She hates the way he flirts with every living girl he sees. She hates the way he always thinks of her last. She was always behind those whores with multi-million dollar bodies. There were hundreds of them and he could get any at any given moment but when it came down to spending some quality time with his best friend… the whores always won over him. She knew he loved her, just like she loves him, but somehow, she just cant make herself not hate him for blowing her off every time. First, in high school, she got mad over it. Then in college, she hated it. And then in med-school, she got used to it. Now, it seemed like second nature. Never ever expect Josh Stone to keep his word to his best friend because most likely, he never will. It wouldn't even surprise Emily that he would just skip dinner and wind up having sex with some actress or supermodel or heiress somewhere.

Heaving a huge sigh, Emily opened to her book again. Life seemingly couldn't get any worse right? How very wrong she was. Life always got worse.


4 hours and a fight with an old lady for a taxi later, Emily was standing in front of some hotel. It looked cheap so she could afford it. After all, the hospital was paying for this. She got a room and placed her bags there. The room was the exact duplication of some cheesy inn off of the high way. A cheap television stand that probably wont work. The bible on the nightstand with some lamps that look rather ancient. The blankets on the bed looked like it was the nesting place of some animal and the carpet was stained with…stuff. Well, this is what you get for being cheap. She took out a nice black dress and her make up along with some accessories. After changing, she put on some make up and gently slid in her earrings. Running a delicate finger over the earrings, Emily remembered the first time she got those. It was senior year of high school, during prom. Her date was none other than Josh Stone himself. He had gotten her earrings because he didn't know where to buy a corsage. Dummy, thought Emmy with a smile. Suddenly, her phone started to ring.

After a couple more rings of Emily trying to find it in her duffel bag, she flipped it open and said a rushed hello.

"Hey where are you?" asked a very familiar, arrogant voice.

"In an inn. Are you done with your dinner thing yet?" Emily asked while walking over to the table and packing up her make up.

"Yeah I am. Want to come to where I am now?"


"Great. See ya here," and he hung up. It took Emily a moment to realize that he hadn't told her where he was. Muttering dumbass, Emily dialed his number again.

"Hello?" he said.

"You didn't give me the damn address," she bit through angrily. Josh was probably one of the dumbest people she has ever met.

"Ohhhh. Well you didn't ask," was the only thing he said. Emily gritted her teeth angrily. It's just so damn typical of him. Instead of apologizing and giving it to her like a normal regular person, he just had to turn the damn whole thing into an argument.

"You're the person who invited me to go to the place so you're suppose to tell me where it is!" she yelled. She could've sworn he was grinning evilly right this second. God how she hated him.

"Hey, this little dinner thing was all your idea wasn't it?" he asked, almost as if he was just egging her on to get more and more angry.

"YOU KNOW WHAT! I DON'T EVEN WANT TO MEET WITH YOU ANYMORE! BYE JOSH!" Emily hung up, breathing heavily. Slapping her hand to her forehead, she regretted what she just did. Oh great. Now what was she going to do with her situation. She needed Josh. She couldn't possibly stay in this yucky inn.

Just when she was about to call him back and apologize, her phone rang. It startled her for a moment. She flipped it open.


"Hi Emmy," came the voice again, this time, it sounded highly amused.

Temporarily forgetting that she was suppose to be groveling right now, she said, "What the hell do you want?"

"Look Em, don't be mad at me. I was only kidding a bit. You know I love you Em. Now come down here and have dinner with me. I'm really sorry okay?" Emily knew how tough it was for Josh Stone to grovel and say he was sorry. He mostly never ever does it. The only person that he has ever said sorry to was probably her and his mother. And the only reason he said it to his mother was when he was being kicked out of his house and he said he was sorry that he was ever born into that family. But then again, that is a totally different story.

"Oh fine," Emily said. This was much better than her groveling. Very much better.

"Good. So see you here?" he said.

"Yeah sure."

"Bye," and he hung up. It took another minute for Emily to realize that he still hasn't given her the address. That idiot.


Two phone calls later, Josh was sitting in the restaurant, sipping his drink. She should almost be here. It was fun to hear Emmy get mad. She looked so beautiful when she got mad. Then again, he hasn't seen her at all and he has already gotten her mad at least 3 times today. But just hearing her on the phone made him want to burst into hysterical laughter. He loved to piss her off. It's just so damn fun. Sipping his drink he winked at a redheaded girl who has been staring at him for about an hour now, ever since the end of his business meeting, which ran rather smoothly might he had. She blushed and looked away from him back to the bar. A shy one huh? Well this ought to be fun. He got up to the bar with his glass of scotch and sat next to the girl. He felt her tense up when he sat down.

"You don't mind do you?" it was fun asking. He wasn't going to get up even if she did mind, not that she ever would. Who could ever resist me?

She blushed and shook her head. She was a pretty one alright. Red hair fell halfway down her back. She had bright blue eyes and a very pretty face. Her dress was a play on both innocent and sexy at the same time. Her long legs stretched out under her dress and her feet rested on the barstool.

"Good. So what is a pretty girl like you doing here all by yourself?" he asked. He didn't really care. It didn't matter a bit to him. Taking his glass of scotch, he placed it on her back, which was completely bare until almost her waist. She shivered at the glass there and blushed again.

"I'm waiting for friends," she said.

"For an hour?" Josh cocked one of his eyebrows up. He didn't believe her at all.

"Looks like I've been found out," she said.

"Yes you have," he replied. "What's your name?"

"Laura. Laura Michaels. Here," she scribbled down her number and name on a napkin. "Call me."

She took one last sip of her drink and walked out of the restaurant, shaking her butt a bit when she was at the exit, making sure Josh was looking. Josh chuckled as he went back to his seat with the napkin. So maybe she isn't that innocent after all.

Suddenly, he heard a familiar voice at the door. Turning around, he found that Emmy was there, talking to one of the waiters and asking for him. Waving his hand a bit, Josh got Emmy's attention and she walked over to their table. Wow, she looks… wow. Those were probably the only thoughts that were going through his mind. She looked absolutely lovely. Her chestnut colored hair gleamed under the dim light of the restaurant. Her dress was a simple black, elegant and yet, form hugging. Her blazing gray eyes were staring back at him. She was absolutely gorgeous in every sense of the word.

Getting up, he went over and hugged her. The smell of lilacs and lilies and everything good filled his nose. She smelled divine. Her hair smelled divine. Planting a kiss on her cheek, he let go of the embrace. Taking a careful look at her, he found that she had definitely gotten skinner than the last time he had seen her, not a good sign since she was already skinny enough. It looks like working as a surgeon isn't doing any good to her health. Quickly, he went over and pulled out her chair. She walked over and sat. He walked over to his side and sat as well.

"Hello Josh. Long time no see," were the first words of her mouth.

"Yeah. Definitely. Should we order first and then you can drop this big bomb of yours on me?" he said playfully.

"Its not a bomb Josh. Its not like I'm saying I'm pregnant with your baby or anything," she said with a scowl.

"Thank god. And here I was, thinking I should settle down and live up to my role of a father," he chuckled.

"Oh please, like you would ever settle down, let along be a good father to anyone. You can't even take care of yourself let along another human being," she joked as she picked up the menu and skimmed over the things.

"My dear Emmy, I feel quite insulted by that remark. I'll have you know that I'm doing fine on my own. Although it would be a cold day in hell before I ever settle down," he said as he sipped his drink, never taking his eyes off of her.

"Just as I thought," she said, not looking up from the menu.

"Are you ready to order?" asked the waiter with his pad out to take their orders.

"Yes we are," replied Josh. "I would like the lamb with the sauce and she would like the vegetarian pasta with a salad and can we have some breadsticks too? And two chocolate soufflés."

"Excellent choice sir, anything to drink?"

"Wait a second. How the hell do you know what I want? I can order for my own thank you very much," she gave a glare to Josh which he returned with a smile.

"Very well then, what exactly would you like?" asked Josh.

Taking a careful look at the menu, Emily cursed to herself. The pasta was exactly what she wanted, along with the salad and she was a sucker for breadsticks wherever she went. She loved chocolate soufflés. They were her favorite dessert besides ice cream.

"I would like, a white wine please," she said with a smile to the waiter. He nodded.

"Another scotch, thank you," he said to the waiter. The waiter took the menus and walked away.

"Don't say it," Emmy said with a look to Josh. He only grinned.

"Say what?"

"Say I told you so," Emmy said with a scowl. Josh laughed.

"Come on Emmy, we're not kids anymore. I'm mature enough to not say 'I told you so'." Although that was exactly what Josh was thinking.

"And don't give me that look either," she said.

"What look?" Josh asked innocently with his puppy dog eyes.

"The 'I told you so and now you're wrong so ha ha ha' look. What do you take me for, Josh? Some tramp you met a second ago? I know every single look on that face of yours and none of them are good," Emmy said with a sigh.

"Oh come on now Em, its not that bad. I'm mature enough and you should be too to not hold grudges as simple as this."

Emmy responded by sticking her tongue out. A light banter ensued from there, with a few sarcastic remarks, some trips down memory lane and very much fun. Emmy had to admit that the evening wasn't going so bad. All she had to do was tell him. When the breadsticks arrived, she didn't have to worry about bringing up the subject since Josh did himself.

"So what exactly is this thing you wanted to tell me about?" Josh said biting into a breadstick.

Emmy took a breadstick and played around with it with her fingers. She was nervous, Josh knew. She always played around with things when she was nervous.

"Well I need a place to crash for some time," she bit through. It wasn't easy for her to ask this.

"That's it? A place to crash? Sure no problem. You can stay with me. God knows I only have too many rooms. How long is it for before you to Boston then?"

"Well that's the other thing…" Emmy's face looked nervous and Josh knew it was something weird. Something big was happening. Emmy never had a loss for words and especially not around him. Either she was really scared or really nervous and Josh knew it was both.

"I got a job… here in New York," Emmy said quickly. She blabbed when she was nervous. "It's with one of the best hospitals in the world and I just had to take it. The thing is, I still had a contract with the Boston hospital and they wouldn't let me go but this hospital only had an opening now and it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. If I don't take it, someone else will. So I have to, and I mean have to take it. This is my chance to be a world-renowned surgeon. Plus, the pay is awesome. But the thing is, the Boston hospital wont let me go unless I pay a big sum of money. So I sold everything I owned, including all my furniture and even some of my clothes and all the money I had saved up from working there for a couple of years. And I still have to pay off all the loans I took for med-school. So I'm in debt and broke. I have absolutely no money at all besides a couple of bucks that I had left over from the train ticket. So while I work at this new place, I'm saving up to actually be able to rent anything at all and pay off my debts from med-school. And that could take awhile since I also have to buy furniture and whatnots and stuff. The hospital I'm going to is currently covering a couple of nights at a inn so that I could find a place but I cant since all of them are above the budget of a broke person. So I can only, and I mean only turn to you. You know I can't take money from you so I need a place to stay… for a very long time. And I probably wouldn't be able to pay you rent or anything but I hope that you can take me in… is that okay?"

Josh looked at her, not knowing what to say. Well first off, he was impressed that anyone could say so much with one breath. Second of all, he didn't know her situation was so bad. If he had, he would've gone to Boston and helped her out a bit. Third of all… living with Emmy… for a very long time? Now that was definitely something to worry about. If she was crashing for a couple of days… that was fine. For eternity or however long it is to get her out of debt? Now that's a long time. A longer time than he would've wanted. Its not like he doesn't want to live with Emmy because he loves her and she's his best friend and they're sure to have loads of fun. Bad side of this is…Josh is wondering for just how long is he able to keep his hands off of her?