This is actually something known as the "Sophmore Writing Project" at my school, in which all sophmores have to write a piece of poetry or prose with a maximum length of 1000 words. Then all the teachers gather up all the poetry/prose and publish it, so yes, this has to be good. I'm asking for reviews that have content in them, as in no "That was great!" or "That sucked!" I need to know why it was great or why it sucked. I haven't written anything that rhymed in a while, so if anything seems awkward, just point it out and I'll try to fix it. My teacher actually recommended writing a series because this isn't even 100 words (99) when the title and "By Nodjmet" are excluded.

A Time of Innocence
By Nodjmet

Childhood has an expiration day
A time of innocence, naïve and bold
But there's no time for joy and play
We've erased the ancient threshold

Spurred on by heavy competition
What dreams of their own do they have?
Fulfilling the old tradition
Of obedience, true and sad

There was a time when they laughed with glee,
Worked steadily, cheerfully singing
Look now as they silently sit and study
And wither away to nothing

Let them be loud, obnoxious, sincere
And let them ask stupid questions
Gaze at them lovingly, holding them dear
And wish you could have their positions