Missing Matter

Disclaimer: Umm… oh dear. I haven't borrowed anybody's characters for this one. Not even a little. Well, this is a bit weird…

Note: This is the strangest thing I've ever written. You won't get it at all if you don't have the title in mind. This story proves once and for all that you shouldn't watch awards shows ever, even for an Eminem/Elton John duet. Look what it did to me...

A shadowy shape moved through the dark alley. The only sound was the occasional whoosh of cars driving somewhere nearby and the soft, steady pounding of sneakers on the asphalt. The figure stopped and looked around frantically, searching for a place to hide. Off in the distance, a group of people was approaching, as was evidenced by the loud clatter of several sets of running footsteps. The silhouette finally jumped behind a dumpster and pulled several old boxes over itself. Out in the alley, a herd of people in business suits ran by. "This way!" one of them called. "She can't have gone far!"
The group ran off down the alley and disappeared around a corner. The girl behind the dumpster began to breathe again. She knew she wouldn't have long to rest. Pretty soon they would realize where she'd gone and come back. You could never stay hidden for long when you were being hunted by the top astrophysicists in the world.

She'd been running for two weeks now. Ever since she'd been discovered by the girl whose bed she'd been hiding under for over 6 months. She hadn't counted on her unwitting host ever actually cleaning under there. But she had, and now here she was. Once she'd come out of hiding, she had half of Earth's scientific community after her. She didn't know how they found out, but now it was certain that they knew. And if they caught her, they would take her back to their labs and run experiments on her. There would be no escape. Ever.

The girl finally caught her breath and, summoning her last reserves of strength, detangled herself from the pile of rubbish and pulled her sweatshirt hood over her head. She quickly ducked back out of the alley way and made her way as casually as possible into the hoi polloi that occupied the streets of Chicago even at this hour of the night. She had the whole city to choose from, but finding a secure place to sleep would still be difficult.

Suddenly, a monotone electronic voice emerged from somewhere in the shadows. "THERE SHE IS. AFTER HER."

She froze, as from out of a dark side street emerged the horde of researchers, mostly on foot but headed by a guy in a wheelchair.

She turned around and once again started running.