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"003, you are needed in Study Room 7, immediately." The intercom buzzed, then was silent.

Pyro glanced upwards, a small frown marring the perfection of his delicate face. The dark form, hiding in shadows, beside him shrugged, giving the illusion of a shadow within a shadow.

"When the box calls, all we can do is answer..." Muttered someone on the other side of him, a someone that gave some semblance of a child, but with the intelligence of something far greater.

"Of course we do..." Pyro muttered back, casting his glance around the room he was residing in. His gaze flitting over the other figures in the room briefly, before he stood.

"Give them hell." A few voices trailed after him as he closed the door behind him, with a metallic shudder.

He walked slowly down one sterilized hallway, then another, before entering a door on his left. Walking into the room, he stood stiffly by the door, head held high.

"003, have a seat on the chair." The intercom came to life briefly, only to sputter and become deathly quiet once again.

He walked slowly to the chair in the middle of the white-washed room. On one wall was a mirror, and Pyro knew there were faces peering at him from the other side. His face remained completely impassive, except for his perfect lips, as he sneered at the glass.

He nodded as he heard a small bell sounding from somewhere, becoming completely still once again.

"Give it your best shot, bastards." He whispered under his breath, body tensing against the onslaught that he knew was coming.

He counted mentally to four, before mind- numbing pain shot through every nerve- ending in his body, and he could think no more.

Pyro walked stiffly back to his room an hour later, entering very slowly, and collapsing on the first bed that he came to.

"Was it so bad, Pyro?" A muscled figure asked from across the room.

"They seem to be in a good mood today, at least... Nothing but the chair today." He replied, staring at the figure's brown and green hair, instead of his eyes. Looking into the muscled figure's eyes would have required his own eyes to focus more, and that was an effort he was not prepared to make just yet.

"Good...yesterday was terrible. Maybe that's why they're being kind today?" A tiny , crisp voice said from behind an aquamarine colored curtain in the wall.

"Maybe, Ice." Pyro replied. Looking around their room again. It was white-washed like everything else in the forsaken place, but it had touches of color. The room was just a complete square, but there were small bed areas cut into the wall, coulored curtains covering each area.

There were curtains on three walls, but one wall had no curtains, though the areas were there,with the door leading out on one one of the three walls were curtains in deep blue, red, and green. They were stacked on top of each other like bunk beds almost, with about a foot of wall separating each.

On another wall were the colors white, black, and dark grey, stacked in the same manner, and on the third wall was light blue, and a curtain that was light grey, with light blue trim, but under that was an area with no curtain.

Pyro crawled over to his area, the red one, which was on the bottom of the first wall. The owners of the other areas had given him this once, since pain had such ill effect on him.

"Has anyone heard about the newbie?" A whispery voice asked from behind the blue and grey curtain.

"Yup. Purple curtain, anyone guess what it is?" A voice that was neither young, nor old came from the grey curtain.

"Uh...I know! Somebody fat! It's becoming an element for people these days!" Said an amused voice from behind the blue curtain.

"...Ha ha, Aqua. Actually, I heard rumor that it's Fear." Said the voice from behind the grey curtain.

"That might make sense... It can be a type of element. What happens when they run out of ideas, though?" Replied the blue curtain.

"It's not going to happen anytime soon. There are a lot of things that they can do, yet. Love, Hate, Obedience, Besides Aqua, they've yet to tap into the Earth's elements. Nothing they've created is animalistic." The grey curtain said.

"You have a point..." Pyro muttered from his place on his bed.

"I know I do. I've heard some of the things they're planning. We all have. There may only be room for four more in this room, but I've seen them bringing beds, and things into a room down the hall. None of you seriously believed they would stop with us." Said the curtain. .

"No... They're to greedy. Stopping with us... They would view it as defeat. An insult to their genius. " Said the muscled figure.

"They're sadistic... They NEED to see defenseless things writhe in pain. Do you remember what it was like at first?" The grey curtain asked.

"Of course we do, Tai. None of us are that old, though we know it must be fresh in your mind." Pyro said in sympathy.

"There's still something...that I do not understand..." said the blue curtain, a bit of hesitance showing through the usually confident voice.

"What's that, Aqua?" Asked the crisp voice from behind the aquamarine colored curtain. A head popped out from behind the curtain, a head with icy whitish-blue eyes, and a head of hair that was near the same color, small crystals of ice formed on the strands of hair.

"Well, we were created for war. As weapons. We know a war is bound to happen soon, but what happens during times of peace? We know they "train" us now, because the war IS close to happened... Times of peace can last years. What happens to US?" Aqua muttered, navy blue eyes peering out from behind his curtain.

" None of us know, yet. They may let us live with humans..." Muttered the icy form of Ice.

"Maybe..." Aqua muttered, and the room was silent.

In the next few moments, the sound of doom floated towards the room. The sound they dreaded, apart from the intercom. They all jumped into their own beds, staring at the door, as the footsteps stopped in front of their door, and it slowly opened.

First a man in a lab-coat walked in, a small figure was behind him.

"Afternoon, my lovely androids. I've brought another friend for you..." The man walked to the wall with only two curtains, and hung a purple curtain across the bottom area.

"There you are, 009." The man motioned the figure in, and it walked in as the man walked out, closing the door.

The figure trembled slightly, then managed a dignified look, staring at everyone. His purple eyes looked nervous, though, and they could see he didn't want to be here. He wore just an over-sized purple t-shirt.

"At least he's a cutie." Aqua said, sliding out from behind his curtain, and walking to 009. He fingered a lock of the android's black hair," But he doesn't seem very scary. How will he strike fear into our enemy's hearts, eh?"

"Aqua, be nice." Pyro muttered, sitting up, and looking at the newcomer.

"I'm not supposed to make them scared directly... I give them dreams. I project images that make them fear... " The small human-like person said.

For they WERE people, just not humans.

"Show me," Aqua said, looking at Fear.

"Alright..." He closed his eyes, concentrating and Aqua saw an image inside his head.

It was like a dream, but he was aware that he was awake, he was IN the dream, sitting with his feet in a huge lake, happy, free. The sun was shining brightly, maybe to brightly for Aqua's liking, and he felt the heat on his face, and it was becoming unbearable. He watched as the lake was dried, and him along with it, shriveling into an unknown form as the water left his body, and he gasped for the liquid.

"009, enough!" A sharp voice broke through the dream, and Aqua shook his head.

"Wow, this guy'll come in handy..." Aqua muttered.

Fear gave a tiny smile.

Aqua grinned at him, albeit a bit shaky, and went back to his area, grabbing a jug of water and downing most of it.

"Hey, Fear, you got any idea what the next experiment is?" Asked Pyro.

"Yeah, they started on it when I woke. It's some sort of animal, I think. I heard them talking...but I wasn't fully aware of anything. I wasn't really INTELLIGENT, yet." Fear muttered.

"We understand, and I told you so, guys." The grey curtain gloated that he had guessed one of the new experiments.

When they were all created, they woke with a sense of the world around them, but they couldn't identify anything. They saw the lights, the people, the machines. But they didn't know what they were called, how they came to be, why they were there just yet. The scientists gave them memory, and intelligence later. After they ran tests to make sure the body, the android- like being, was efficient in every way. Giving a being memory was hard to do, and if they'd given an inefficient being a memory, it would be a waste.

"Hm, I wonder when they'll be finished. It should be interesting." Pyro said, sitting up, feeling better as the after-effects of the pain wore off.

"Maybe. But I wish they'd stop. Making things. I don't want anyone else to live this life..." Fear muttered, going to his area and lying down, " I've already under-gone tests."

"Which ones?" The small figure, the child-like one, asked.

"They made me sit in a chair, feeding me pain, memories of war, destruction. They put me in a chamber, and took the air away, and when I collapsed, they pulled me out, and put me in another machine. I'm not sure exactly what it was... But it showed me things. Disease, death, any pain imaginable. I felt myself DIE. I felt what it felt like to die with a sword through my heart, and completely alone. I could cry out to people, but they couldn't HEAR me..." Fear shook his head, "It wasn't pleasant."

"It never is. Sometimes they give you good memories, though. Sunshine, and the beach, great big forests filled with animals, and good things. But they only do it rarely..." The grey curtain said again.

"Enough of this, let's introduce everyone." Pyro muttered, hopping off his bed, "Everyone in the middle of the room. You know the routine."

Everyone did so, and Pyro nodded, motioning Fear to stand beside him. He pointed to himself, with his red and orange hair, and eyes that danced with fire, "I'm Pyro."

He pointed to the child-like figure, who was wearing a long, white cloak. It had silver buckles that began at the never, and went down to her ankles, revealing only the tips of her black boots. She had long blonde curls, and pretty blue eyes, " This is Life. Because what is more filled with life than a child?" Pyro smiled at her, and she smiled back.

Next was the muscled man, with green and brown hair, and eyes the deep leafy green of a fern, but as she turned, smiling at Fear, his eyes changed to a wood brown, "This is the element Earth. His name is Ivy." The muscled Earth wore a cloak, as well, but it was emerald green, with brown, metal buckles. He wore the same black boots.

"This is Ice." Pyro nodded to the boy with icy eyes, and hair. He wore a cloak of aquamarine, with embroidery around the hem, and neckline of very delicate snowflakes, the buckles of his cloak were pure white. Ice nodded at Fear.

"Next is Nimbus. Air element. She's scary, stay away from her." Pyro said, pointing at Nimbus, a girl with white hair, and grey eyes. She wore a cloak of very light grey, with light blue buckles. She stuck her tongue out at Pyro.

"I'm not scary. He's just afraid of me." She grinned broadly.

"She speaks lies, this is Grim. Element Death. But he's a push-over." Pyro said, and the figure rolled his eyes. He had coal black hair, and eyes that were red. His cloak was black, with red buckles, and it had a hood that covered most of his features. He was odd, it seemed he almost had no material form, for it shifted, and wavered slightly.

"And last, but certainly not least...though we do wonder sometimes... is Aqua, element Water." Pyro nodded to the boy with blue eyes, and blue hair. He wore a deep blue cloak, with greenish buckles in the shape of fish.

"The buckles were his own idea. He's a dork." Pyro said.

"He just doesn't like fishies." Aqua said, making a face.

"Will I get a cloak, too?" Fear asked, pointing to Pyro's orange cloak with it's red buckles.

"Yeah. Next time they come to test you. You tell them what colors you want, and they do it." Pyro said, nodding.

"Oh... I see..." Fear said, nodding. He looked at everyone around him, then blinked, "Nobody came out from behind the grey curtain..."

"He rarely does...the lazy bum. Tai, come out already." Pyro said, picking up a book from behind his curtain and throwing it into the grey one. They heard the book hit something.

"What was that for, you over-grown fire-cracker?" A torrent of books rained down on Pyro.

"Hey...so that's where those all went..."Pyro muttered.

"I never gave them back after all the times you threw them at me." A figure stepped out from behind the grey curtain.

"This is Tai. Element of Time." Pyro said, picking his books up and putting them into his area.

Tai nodded to Fear, and allowed Fear to look him up and down. The left side of Tai's body was old, wrinkled from age, and weathered by years. So it seemed. The hair on that side was feathery, thin, mostly gone, and his eye was filmy, blind. Separated by an imaginary line, the right side of his face was beautiful, delicate, gorgeous to behold, with blond hair past his shoulders, and his young eye was pale greenish-blue.

"His pretty side looks like a creature of Anne Rice's. Though I think Marius could kick his ass. " Pyro muttered, holding up a copy of "Blood and Gold" by Anne Rice, and smirking.

"Ah, shut up." Tai said, stretching, and looking at Fear, " I'm not always like this, by the way. Just like Grim. I change. One week I may be completely old, the next I may be young. Sometimes, I get caught in the middle, and I look like this. Sometimes I don't look like either of my sides, and I may be adolescent, or very young, like Life."

"What were you created for" Fear asked, watching Tai with fascination.

"Don't let him demonstrate. It's irritating." Pyro said, and Tai picked up a book, and hit Pyro in the head with it.

"I can age people. Either forwards or backwards. I could make them age until they are nothing but a skeleton, or I could turn them back into an egg and sperm. " Tai said, climbing back into his area.

"He's so cocky. Thinks he's the greatest." Pyro said, and another book flew out from behind the grey curtain, narrowly missing Aqua.

"And he's got bad aim." Aqua muttered.

Fear grinned, " Do you always fight like this?"

"Yup." Came the chorus of answers.

"So... I showed everyone my power, can you tell me what yours are?" Fear asked.

"Sure, you already know Mr. I'm-The Bomb's powers. Mine are fire. I can manipulate it, throw it, make people and stuff randomly catch flame. Kind of spontaneous combustion. And I can create heat. That's about it." Pyro said.

"Power of Water. Pretty much the same as Pyro. I can call on the water in people, drain them of the water, leave them withered and dry." Aqua said.

"I can move the Earth. Simple as that. Anything that belongs to the Earth, and is inanimate. A rock, dirt, a tree. Just not animals." Ivy said.

"Shadows. I can move through them, leap from shadow to shadow. I can shut down life functions. Breathing, heart beating, etc. Simply cause death." Grim said, flitting from shadow to shadow in the room. Appearing in one shadow, then not being there.

" Pretty much the same as Death. But I can create new life, too. That's a confusing one to explain, so I won't. And I can age people. But I can't kill them by it, but I can make them very old." Life said, from behind her curtain.

"I can freeze people. Freeze the blood in their veins. Make their heart stop cold. Without killing them, or I can kill them." Ice said, shrugging.

"I can fly. And I can fight. I could call clouds from the sky and make them turn into fog, that blocks everyone's view." Nimbus said, grinning," And I got wings, but they're to big to open in here."

"I'm not sure how good I could be in a fight. I can do my image thing, but they said I would be torn between fight or flight, as will their next experiment. I'll either dash, or stay and fight, depending on circumstances. It's instinct. We all have it, but mine is stronger." Fear said.

"Dash or Slash. Nice. You look like a speedy guy. Your name is Dash." The grey curtain said.

The others pondered over this for a few moments. Then slowly all agreed.

"Works for me." Fear muttered, officially becoming Dash.

" Well…I have nothing more to say…I'm going to go read." Pyro said, crawling back onto his bed. The others nodded agreement, and went about usual daily things, as Dash picked a book up off the floor, and went to read.

The rest of the day was spent in this way, but they all knew they had tests the next day, so it was only a matter of time until the box called a name in it's toneless manner.