Perpetual Sickness

Wasting away, withering through another day,

Living in hate as I trudge through the iron gate,

I fall in the mud with wounds full of blood,

Screaming for life, haunted by dervish,

My nerves in tatters as the languor batters,

Smashing my neck, I cry out in anguish,

Impaling my mind with its metal hand,

My blood soaking into the sand,

Painfully curtailed in illness,

Falling through perpetual sickness.

Withering by, not even the sound of faint cries,

I watch as life walks by and begins to die,

Sweet taste of blood, filling my mouth in flood,

Trying to scream, but no one turns to see,

Begging for life but holding the knife,

Slicing my neck, relieving the anguish,

Slowing my mind, my memories behind,

Death's paradise I now find,

Luscious ending of my illness,

Escaping from perpetual sickness.