Laughing softly (or more at

an inappropriate giggle)

she urges you on

now moaning myself

both of us watch,

I in wonder as you arise

from your position over her

and glide toward me

Roughly you push me up

against the wall of

your shabby rented


Ever pressing harder

with your groin

but do not touch me with

your fingers though I beg you're

making me wait the longing builds

the dark desert in your eyes

reminds my senses of your

quivering thighs and the trembling of

your lower lip I can do little but

the submission in my eyes

spurs you on to new heights

She has grown impatient with

our neglect of her luscious curves

Junoesque in their pale perfection, the flame

in her plaintive noises we once found desirable

I catch a glimpse of her engimatic and

debauched smile before blackness swallows

us as she terminates the already-dim lighting